Uniform Trust Code Subcommittee

UTC subcommittee meets on Probate day (Third Thursday of each month) at 9:30 AM at the CBA Offices, 1900 Grant Street, 9th floor, Denver, CO 80203.

Chair: Dennis Whitmer dnwhitmer@hamiltonfaatz.com


Finished Sections

Part 5 of the UTC, entitled “Creditor’s Claims; Spendthrift and Discretionary Trusts” has not been reviewed by the subcommittee.  That Part of the UTC has in the past resulted in significant disagreement among Trust and Estate practitioners in Colorado.  Accordingly, the directive given to the subcommittee was to reserve review of that part of the UTC for another time.
Part 6 of the UTC, entitled “Revocable Trusts,” was not been reviewed by the subcommittee because it was enacted as C.R.S. Section 15-16-701, et seq. in 2013. 

Redline of Existing Registration Statutes Against CTC

Final Part 1
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Final Part 2
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Final Part 3
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Final Part 4
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