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The Colorado Lawyer Board 2015-16

Edwin L. Felter, Jr., Chair
Denver—(303) 866-5676

Marcy G. Glenn, Vice Chair
Denver—(303) 295-8000
David Kirch, Second Vice Chair
Aurora—(303) 671-7726


Dr. David W. Becker, Jr.
Twin Falls, ID—(208) 735-9288

Leonard I. Frieling
Boulder—(303) 666-4064

Patrick R. Thiessen
Denver—(970) 368-0871

Darla L. Daniel
Denver—(303) 864-7029

Forrest V. Plesko
Denver—(303) 296-7300

James S. Witwer
Denver—(303) 861-1963

Ronald M. Sandgrund
Denver—(303) 792-5595
Amy C. DeVan
Denver—(303) 928-7813

Daniel J. Sears
Denver—(303) 953-5265

Patrick Flaherty
CBA Executive Director
Denver—(303) 824-5314