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NOTE: Please be aware that this application is for membership in the Colorado Bar Association and is NOT the application to become a licensed attorney in Colorado. For information on becoming licensed to practice in Colorado, please go to, the web page of the State Board of Law Examiners.

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Association Membership
Membership in the Colorado Bar Association is not conditioned on health status of any individual, including an employee of an employer or a dependent of an employee. Furthermore, health insurance coverage offered through the Colorado Bar Association is available to all members regardless of any health status-related factor. Health insurance coverage is only available to members of the Colorado Bar Association.

Colorado Bar Association Membership
Please select the appropriate category. Membership categories are determined by your original date of admission to practice law, not necessarily the date you were licensed in Colorado. See below for Dues Assistance Information.

Senior (licensed 8+ years in any jurisdiction)
Intermediate (4-7 years)
Junior (1-3 years)
Inactive (an attorney who is on inactive status with the Colorado Supreme Court)

Local Bar Associations
All CBA members who are on active status with the Colorado Supreme Court and who live in Colorado must belong to an affiliated local bar association. Please check the appropriate box(es) below:
Local Bar Association
1st Judicial District:
  Senior (4+ years)
  Junior (1-3 years)
7th Judicial District
9th Judicial District
13th Judicial District
16th Judicial District
  Junior (0-1 year)
  Senior (4+ years)
  Junior (1-3 years)
  Government Employee
  Retired over 70 or Inactive
Aurora Active
  Senior (4+ years)**
  Junior (1-3 years)
Continental Divide
  Senior (8+ years)
  Intermediate (4-7 years)
  Junior (1-3 years)
  Gov't Emp Sr (8+ years)
  Gov't Emp Int (4-7 years)
  Gov't Emp Jr (1-3 years)
Local Bar Association
El Paso:
  Senior (8+ years)
  Intermediate (4-7 years)
  Junior (1-3 years)
  Government Employee
Four Corners
Heart of the Rockies
Northwest Colorado
San Luis Valley
Southeast Colorado
Southern Colorado
Southwestern Colorado:
  Senior (4+ years)
  Junior (1-3 years)
  Senior (4+ years)
  Junior (1 - 3 years)
  New (0 -1 year)

** Includes mandatory assessments to support local law libraries and/or legal services programs.

CBA Section Membership
If you wish to join a CBA Section, please check the appropriate
box(es) below. Click on the name of the section to see its description.
Please note that the Section dues are prorated 50% after January 1, 2015.
*Please note that section dues are not included in the dues reduction program

Law Practice Sections


Law Practice Sections

Agricultural & Rural Law $15.00 Intellectual Property $40.00
Alternative Dispute Resolution $25.00
International Law $20.00
Business Law $25.00 Judicial Liaison $15.00
Communications &
Technology Law
$10.00 Juvenile Law $20.00
Construction Law $10.00 Labor & Employment Law $20.00
Criminal Law $25.00
Litigation $20.00
Disability Law $15.00
Military Law $15.00
Elder Law $30.00
Natural Resources & Energy Law $20.00
    & Sports
Real Estate Law $25.00
Environmental Law$15.00
Solo/Small Firm Practice $15.00
Family Law$30.00
Taxation $25.00
Government Counsel$15.00
Trust & Estate $25.00
Health Law$15.00
Water Law $20.00
Immigration Law $25.00 Workers' Compensation $25.00

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Dues Assistance
Briefly describe the reason(s) for your request :

Based on the response above, I request that my CBA and local bar dues be waived by the following amount: 25% 50% 75% 100%

PLEASE NOTE: All dues assistance applicants are asked to pay a minimum of $20 to cover general CBA expenses, except in cases of severe financial hardship.

* I certify that my financial circumstances are such that I cannot afford the full cost of dues for this year.

Remember, do not send a check at this time. You will
receive an invoice from our Membership Services Department.

You can also download and print the dues assistance application here and mail it to:

    Colorado Bar Association
    Membership Services Department
    1900 Grant St., 9th Floor
    Denver, CO 80203