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Tech Tuesdays-How to Use the Free Moderate Income Toolkit's Budget Spreadsheet
CLE Live Webcast

Date and Time
     April 22, 2014
     12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
     Webcasts - live from your computer
     Denver CO 


How to Use the Free Moderate Income Toolkit's Budget Spreadsheet
Presented by Pete Peterson

Presented by Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson, the developer of the budget spreadsheet, will show us how to use the spreadsheet to easily (and automatically) do complicated financial scenarios. Enter in your overhead expenses and then you’re ready to do “what if” calculations. Now fill in the amount of pre-tax compensation you want to make. Fill in your hourly rates and the number of hours you will bill at each rate. This will show you whether you will be on track to make the amount of money you want, or if you’ll have to cut back on your expenses, bill more hours, or raise your rates. The spreadsheet is free and it’s included in the Moderate Income Toolkit which can be downloaded from the CBA’s website.
For more information contact Sue Bertram at or (303) 824-8372