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  An Introduction to Legal Project Management

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With the ever-increasing cost pressures on corporate law departments, effective legal project management  has become a must for both in-house and law firm attorneys. Yet most attorneys are still at a loss as to what legal project management  includes and requires and how to get started. This Practical Law webinar, presented by Mark Lassiter, an legal project management  expert and practicing attorney, will focus on how to use legal project management  to benefit both clients and their counsel and make legal service delivery more effective and efficient. Using the example of forming a series of subsidiary corporations, the session will cover:

What does legal project management include?
How does a law firm embrace and integrate legal project management  into its firm culture and practice areas?
What are the challenges and obstacles that law firms face in embracing
legal project management?
How in-house counsel can implement
legal project management both internally and to increase collaboration with outside counsel.
Resources that are available to assist lawyers and law firms in embracing
legal project management.
How to get started using
legal project management.

A brief Q&A session will follow.

Mark Lassiter, Founder/Attorney/Principal, The Lassiter Law Firm; Founder/Manager, Legal Project Management, LLC d/b/a
Lex Projex