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This event took place on May 29, 2014 at 12:00 PM and has already passed.
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Heart Health for Lawyers
Date: Thursday, May 29, 2014
Time: Noon–1:30 p.m.
Place: CLE- Large Classroom
1900 Grant Street, 3rd floor
Denver, CO 80203
Speaker: Dr. Jeff Boone Dr. Boone is an internationally recognized expert on the effects of mental stress on the heart. Most heart attacks occur during times of stress. Through his work with high-intensity groups like NFL executives, firefighters, military leadership and oil executives, Dr. Boone has developed protocols to first identify those who are vulnerable during times of increased mental stress, then treat them before any event occurs.
In this program, Dr. Boone will present his case that no one should ever have a heart attack. As Dr. Boone speaks, Boone Heart Institute technicians will be putting his preventive concepts into practice. The Carotid IMT test is a painless, ten-minute ultrasound exam that evaluates your risk for heart attack and stroke. The results will give you an Arterial Age score, which shows how old your arteries are compared to your chornological age. We want to make sure your cardiovascular system is not over the hill before you are.
Dr. Boone has lectured in all 50 states and on 4 continents. He believes that Denver can be a beacon of heart health to the rest of the nation, so he has offered to present this program free of charge to inspire change in his local community. Don’t miss this opportunity to take control of your own health in an often confusing and inefficient health care system.
We will be offering a healthy lunch durring the program. Dr. Boone's office will also be conducting Ultrasound screenings of the Carotid artetry for an additional $90. This will be paid separetly to Dr. Boone by each person who is interested. We do ask you to register for the program with an indication if you are interested in this additional screening.
Cost: $15 Attendee (CBA Member)
Carotid Screening separate please indicate when you RSVP if you would like the screening
$25 Attendee (non CBA Member)
Carotid Screening separate please indicate when you RSVP if you would like the screening
includes lunch
RSVP: 303-860-1115 x727 or, or online at