Brooke Alexander

Brooke Alexander

Attorney Registration Number: 51680

Alexander & Ewert LLC

Original bar admit date: 9/30/2015
Colorado bar admit date: 12/14/2017

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Brooke Lynn Alexander

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Ms. Alexander is an attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado, specializing in the area of Family Law. She is licensed to practice in both Colorado and New Mexico. Ms. Alexander chose to become a family law attorney because she personally experienced many of the different family law cases - from being adopted, through being the child of divorced parents, and having a custody case of her own. ?


Ms. Alexander is passionate about giving back to her community. She is a member of the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, Larimer County Young Lawyers Division, the Family Law Section of the Colorado State Bar, and regularly spends her time volunteering in various capacities. In an effort to give to the community, Ms. Alexander provides legal service to those of modest means by providing services on a sliding fee scale.


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