In an effort to promote more sustainable law practices, the Colorado Bar Association created the Environmental Sustainability Program ("ESP" or "Program"). The Program challenges Bar Association members to demonstrate their commitment to environmental excellence by taking steps to reduce energy use and resource waste, and to otherwise strive for sustainability, at their firm or place of business ("law practice").

The Program contains three, interconnected components—people, planet, and profit—which are crucial to creating a sustainable practice. For each component, law practices make cost-saving investments, adopt conservation measures, or implement other environmental best practices.

We encourage law practices to meet the ESP challenge at a level they are comfortable with. The levels of achievement, based on the total number of measures adopted, are as follows:

• Silver— Your law practice rises to the ESP challenge by implementing 10–15 measures.
• Gold — Your law practice rises to the ESP challenge by implementing 16–20 measures.
• Platinum— Your law practice rises to the ESP challenge by implementing more than 20 measures.

To participate in the Program, please complete this application by selecting the measures your law practice is performing and provide documentation as indicated. Complete the form for review and approval by the CBA ESP Committee. Once approved, the law practice will need to recertify annually (by July 1) to continue to participate in the program. The CBA ESP Committee will send all participants recertification documentation by May 1.

Law Practice Information

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Contact Information

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My law practice has adopted the following environmental sustainability mission statement.* # (See example)
Please describe below:

My law practice provides sustainability education and awareness to employees through the following actions (examples: bringing in local experts, utilizing webcasts, and distributing electronic newsletters.*
Please describe below:
My law practice dedicates a portion of its website to environmental sustainability awareness and education.
My law practice provides reusable kitchen utensils, dishes, and glasses or mugs for routine employee and client use. The use of disposable ware is discouraged and is kept to a minimum.
Bottled water is not routinely offered for employee and client consumption and its use is kept to a minimum.
My law practice incorporates RTD Ecopass or the following similar program into its benefit package.

If your law practice provides a program other than RTD Ecopass, please describe it here:
My law practice provides a secure bike station for employees and clients.
My law practice encourages employees to use alternative forms of transportation in the following ways(examples: mass transit, carpooling, bicycling, walking) for commuting to and from work/our place of business.#
Please describe below:

My law practice has implemented a policy that effectively encourages employees to turn out lights and shut down or sleep equipment when not in use.#
Please describe below:



My law practice donates a minimum of the monetary equivalent of 10 hours of legal services per year to the following non-profit organization dedicated to sustainability.
Please list below:
My law practice uses "green" vendors whenever possible. See, e.g.,
My law practice and our building services (as applicable) use VOC-free cleaning products.
My law practice uses energy efficient light bulbs in all accessible lighting fixtures.
My law practice has adopted low-power management by modifying computers to automatically enter sleep mode after no more than 15 minutes of inactivity.
My law practice uses "smart" power strips to power down computers and other electronics when not in use.

My law practice uses sensors that adjust lighting or turn lights on and off.
My law practice uses automatic programmable thermostats to reduce energy use.
My law practice participates in the EPA Energy Star Program.**
My law practice participates in the EPA Green Power Partnership Program.**
My law practice is a member of the U.S. EPA WasteWise Program.**
My law practice participates in a comingled recycling program.
My law practice arranges for proper disposal of all electronic waste using only recyclers listed at http://estewards. org.
My law practice participates in a composting program.



My law practice uses duplex printing whenever possible by setting duplex as the default print option for attorneys and staff and/or taking the following other steps.#
Please describe below:

My law practice has adopted paperless filing practices.
See, e.g.,
My law practice implements ABA Office Paper Management Best Practices.**
My law practice has had an energy/water use audit conducted by the following bona fide outside audit company to identify solutions to improve energy and water efficiency.#

My law practice has implemented of recommendations from the energy/water use audit it had conducted. [The law practice can take credit for each recommendation of an energy audit implemented as a measure towards its participation in the Environmental Sustainability Program so long as such measures are not duplicative of other measures specifically mentioned in this application that the law practice is implementing and is seeking credit for.]#
Please descridbe below:

My law practice tracks and assesses the costs of its energy consumption, transportation footprint, and/or water usage for its own internal use. (please describe)

In addition to tracking, my law practice has adopted goals to reduce its energy consumption, transportation footprint, and/or water use in the following ways.
Please describe:

My law practice offsets its carbon footprint through contributions to the Colorado Carbon Fund the following similar voluntary carbon offset program.#

Pledge Level:*

* These are mandatory measures for participation in the Program.

** Implementing this measure could make your law practice eligible for the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate

If you have documentation describing firm environmental programs, you may also attach them in an email to Jessica Lowrey,


(Must be an attorney in a management position

I certify that this document and all attachments were prepared under my direction or supervision and, to the best of my knowledge and belief, are true, accurate, and complete.