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November 25, 2003

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention


  • Discussion of where to make presentations.
  • Discussion of name and tagline.



Meeting Participants

  • Diane Balkin (Denver DA’s Office)
  • Joan Casey (American Humane Association)
  • David Gies (Animal Assistance Foundation)
  • Ralph Johnson (Colorado Veterinary Medical Association)
  • Aubrey Lavizzo (vet)
  • Barbara Novoryta (Denver Dumb Friends League)
  • Meredith Silverstein (American Human Association)
  • Kath Schoen (CBA)
  • Beth Cunningham (CBA intern)



Next Meeting

Monday January 5, 2004, 12:00PM at CBA (lunch provided)

Curriculum development and delivery modules.




Discussion of where to make presentations (not prioritized)

  • Colorado Medical Society
  • DU Masters School of Social Work
  • Juvenile Assessment Center
  • Denver Area Vet Society
  • Colorado Vet Association (16 Districts) (CE credits; coordinate with local bar associations)
  • Colorado Association of Certified Vet Technicians
  • Vet Technology Schools (four in the state)
  • CSU School of Vet. Sciences (Marty Fetman- Asst. Dean)
  • Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies (50+ agencies)
  • Metro Denver Shelter Alliance
  • State Animal Response Team
  • Mental Health Associations
  • Colorado Association of School Districts (teacher recertification)
  • Law enforcement (Colorado counties; statewide chief of police good place to start; gang units)
  • Judges (judicial conference)
  • District Attorneys (shift will be a good time)
  • Family Service Organizations (Family Tree, CCDV)
  • Students (create a track just for kids)
  • Girl and Boy Scouts
  • Interfaith Council
  • Colorado Public Health Association
  • Probation Officers
  • 4H County Extension
  • DU Law School
  • County Commissioners


Discussion of Name and Tagline


Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention



“Safe Pets…Safe Families…Safe Communities”



1. Zero Tolerance for Cruelty

2. Public Safety

3. Reporting

  • Need to create immunity for reporting
  • Can’t report because they cannot recognize
  • Some professions may be reluctant to open their practice acts (sunset review may be best time)
  • Need to take small steps towards immunity
  • Start with law enforcement- create agency ready for reporting (judges) (law enforcement a difficult population to reach; changing operations manual for law enforcement [animal control])


Other Discussion

Ask Whole Foods or Wild Oats to donate food for meetings

Aurora Link: Keep ourselves separate (we should not merge)



Next Steps

  • Logo (Diane)
  • Training
  • Curriculum development for different audiences
  • Pilot project for the city of Denver (Denver PD)
  • Find one officer in every district who is willing to take cruelty cases
  • Contact organizations
  • Create a treatment piece
  • Create a table and fill in contacts (Beth)
  • Establish trainers


minutes prepared by Beth Cunningham