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Colorado CASA

Colorado CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates is the not-for-profit state-wide coordinating agency for the 14 CASA programs in Colorado.  Every year the juvenile courts in Colorado handle over 4000 cases involving the abuse and neglect of children.  With an average of two children per case, the 4335 cases in 2004 represented 8670 children who were not safe or well cared for in their own homes.  Charges of abuse and/or neglect initiate a whole system designed to meet the needs of these children, but the system is overloaded and many children never receive the help they desperately need.  That's where CASA comes in.  CASA volunteers receive extensive training and are then appointed by a judge to investigate one case at a time and bring the court an objective, in-depth report on what judicial decision would truly be in the best interests of the children involved.  CASA volunteers take their judicial mandate seriously, do their work with patience and persistence, get to know each child individually, and are often the most consistent adult in a child's chaotic life.  For information on how you can volunteer in your area, check our website at or call 303-623-5380.