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January 5, 2004

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention




Continued discussion of training priorities, strategies, and materials.



Meeting Participants

Andy Archuleta (Denver Fire Department)

Diane Balkin (Denver DA’s Office)

Kay Dahlinger (Aurora Link)

Bob Rohde (Denver Dumb Friends League)

Aura Leigh Ferguson (Jeffco DA’s Office)

Tamara Fischer (Mad Dog, A Grooming Salon)

David Gies (Animal Assistance Foundation)

Mary Haave (Evergreen)

Ralph Johnson (Colorado Veterinary Medical Association)

Aubrey Lavizzo (vet)

Barbara Novoryta (Denver Dumb Friends League)

Danny Perez (Denver Fire Department)

Kath Schoen (CBA)

Judy Gordon (CBA)




Next Meeting

Wednesday February 11, 2004, 12:00-1:30PM at CBA

(lunch provided, RSVP requested)

  • Identify desired outcomes from training.
  • Firm up contacts with statewide and local meetings.
  • Plan marketing piece to promote training (including logo).




Continued discussion of training priorities and materials.

Identified learning objectives:

  • Educate audiences on the link
  • Empower audiences to do something with that information (recognize, report, pass it down to others)


Reviewed possible content and format.

  • Between 45 and 90 minutes in length.
  • In PowerPoint format that includes many visuals, but no “bad” photos (except perhaps to police).
  • Topics include:
    • History of issue.
    • Facts of abuse.
    • Statutes (specific to locale).
    • Case studies (with up-to-date statistics, but not too many).
  • 12-17 minute video from Aurora Link (when available and where appropriate).
  • Detailed handout that includes local resources.


Identified potential trainers:

  • Joan Casey (possibly Meredith Silverstein)
  • Diane Balkin
  • Aura Leigh Ferguson
  • Kath Schoen
  • Aubrey Lavizzo
  • David Gies
  • Barbara Novoryta (and other Denver Dumb Friends League staff including Keith Davis and Cory Price)
  • Tamara Fischer


Prioritized audiences to target:

  • Tier One – police and sheriff departments, district attorneys, judges/probation
  • Tier Two – animal control officers, fire departments, EMTs, vets, doctors
  • Tier Three – mental health personnel, juvenile assessment centers


Access Tier One audiences via their state/regional meetings, most of which are around September (CVMA 9/11-9/15/04, CDAC and judges 9/19-9/22/04). Also identify local meetings.


Realistically the group needs to be prepared to roll out all tiers at the same time.



Next Steps

  • Diane sends CD copies of her current training presentation to all who volunteered to be trainers.
  • Diane sends Judy an electronic version of her current training handout which Judy will post on the Intranet site.
  • Diane sends Judy an update on her presentation schedule (recent past and future) which Judy will post on the Intranet site.
  • Diane videotapes one of her presentations so it can be used for other trainers’ preparation and for sending to outlying audiences.
  • Aura Leigh researches state/regional meetings for police and sheriff agencies. Diane will continue working with Denver PD.
  • Members review and integrate curriculum pieces from Humane Society of the United States and other sources.
  • Members identify desired outcomes from training.
  • Members firm up contacts with statewide and local meetings.
  • Members plan marketing piece to promote training (including logo).


minutes prepared by Judy Gordon