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March 16, 2004


Meeting Participants

  • Mark McDonald, Advocates for Children
  • Barbara Novoryta, Dumb Friends League
  • Corey Price, Dumb Friends League
  • Katix Crawford, Gateway Battered Women Shelter
  • David Gies, Animal Assistance Foundation
  • Janet Mickish, Mickish Consulting
  • Sheila Rappaport, Denver District Court
  • Joan Casey, American Humane
  • Diane Balkin, Denver District Attorney's Office
  • Aubrey Lavizzo, VeterinarianShea Kauffman, Animal League Defense Fund, University of Denver Law School
  • Michelle Miller, CBA
  • Kathleen Schoen, CBA




Next Meeting

Tuesday April 27, 2004, 12:00-1:30PM at CBA (lunch provided, RSVP requested)





  • American Humane conference is in Philadelphia on Sept. 27-28.  For more information go to
  • The Aurora Link project is conducting a ½ day training on the link between animal abuse, human violence and fire setting on April 22, 2004 at the Aurora Public Library.  To reserve a space (limited to 100), contact Barbara Novoryta,
  • Aurora Link video is finished and members of the Link will review. 



  • Durango, March 29, Diane is presenting for the Southwest Colorado Domestic Violence Task Force
  • Pueblo, April 14, Diane is presenting for Pueblo Domestic Violence Task Force
  • Univ of Denver, Kath is presenting at both criminology and women & violence classes-dates to be determined


Training Content

Committee agreed that need to bring in more material on the treatment aspect of animal abuse.  The committee decided to invite the following:

  • Joey Wolf, Aurora Center for Treatment (Joan asking her.)
  • Firesetter information, Andy Archuleta
  • Domestic Violence Offender Board (Kath will contact.)
  • Sexual Offender Offender Board (Kath will contact.)


The committee agreed that community capacity building and networking needed to be part of the objectives of the CACP.  Information about community networking will be included in the website.  (See below.)


Diane will contact Psyete about information they have on treatment that can be included.


There was a discussion about facilitating a conference for psychologist and probation officers about evaluation of those involved in animal abuse.


Messaging Campaign (as outlined by Michelle):

  • Fact brochure, including how to contact CACP
  • Training brochure (listing trainings available)
  • Website (Pages include: homepage, statistics, what to do (if suspect or have a problem), resources/links, bibliography, Colorado stories, training programs, legislation/statutes/cases, treatment, how to form own Link network, contact us, about us)
  • Draft letter to associations
  • Sample articles for association newsletters
  • Press releases



Minutes prepared by Kathleen Schoen