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May 25, 2004

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention




Meeting Participants

  • Diane Balkin, Denver District Attorney’s Office
  • Matt Bear, National Endowmen for the Animals
  • Joan Casey
  • Kay Dahlinger, City of Aurora
  • Carri King, MHCD
  • Aura Leigh Ferguson, Jeffco District Attorney’s Office
  • Judy Gordon, Consultant to CBA
  • Kimberly Kory, Psychotherapist/Trauma Expert/Animal Rights Activist
  • Mark McDonald, Advocates for Children
  • Janet Mickish, Mickish Consulting
  • Michelle Miller, CBA
  • Barbara Novoryta, Dumb Friends League
  • Corey Price, Dumb Friends League
  • Diana Richett, Attorney
  • Barbara Riedell, Trainer Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Rev. Bill Riedell, Deacon St. Anthony’s, Centennial
  • Linda Rose, Linda Rose Design (logo)
  • Nancy Rumar, Jeffco District Attorney’s Office
  • Kathleen Schoen, CBA
  • Donna Schwartz, Valley Hope in Colorado
  • Meredith Silverstein, American Humane Association
  • Martha Smith, Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies
  • Bob Strenski, Denver City Attorney
  • Mary Toornman, District City Attorney




Next Meeting

Tuesday June 29, 2004, 12:00-1:30PM at CBA, 3rd floor small conference room (lunch provided, RSVP requested)





  • Kay Dahlinger gave an update on the distribution of the LINK video. Several copies have been distributed outside of the state, including two copies to Texas A&M. Kay will see about donating copies of the video to CACP for training purposes.
  • Diane Balkin will be doing the LINK presentation on June 15 for the juvenile court and also at Regis. An email will be sent out with final time and location information.



Training Update

  • Kath discussed her recent trainings at DU and Regis.
  • Diane talked about her upcoming trainings at juvenile court and Regis.
  • Diane also talked about the presentations she did for veterinarians at Alameda East and University Hills.



Training for Evaluators and Treatment Providers update:

  • So far multiple groups are interested in receiving this training.
  • Kay e-mailed treatment providers in her area and got nine responses from people wanting the training.
  • The state is also providing us with access to the list of Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Treatment providers.
  • One of the next steps is to look for money to put on the training.




  • Linda Rose, Linda Rose Design, attended the meeting to discuss designing a logo for CACP. 
  • We discussed the need for a professional looking logo that looks good in black and white as well as color.
  • Linda is open to suggestions and help; she also wants ideas and input.
  • A committee was formed to facilitate the process.  Members of the committee are: Diane Balkin, Joan Casey, Meredith Silverstein, and Michelle Miller.
  • Please send any logo ideas to a member of the committee and they will forward it to Linda.




  • The URL for the website is
  • Judy Gordon presented a handout outlining a draft of the website (see marketing materials website).
  • There was discussion about what “case studies” under additional resources could be. The consensus was that these need to be stories that illustrate a step in the right direction, collaborative efforts, consequences for abusing an animal, what you can do as a professional, positive resolutions, and ordinary cases so people don’t dismiss abuse when they see it. They will be called local success stories, rather than case studies.
  • Judy asked that people send her stories and feedback on the outline of the website.



Latham Letter and Video

  • Corey Price, Denver Dumb Friends League, brought the article she wrote for the Latham Letter.  Its focus is talking about the challenges and successes the Aurora LINK and CACP have experienced, as well as how to start a coalition.
  • Corey also showed a video put together by the Latham Letter.  It will be released to the public in the next few months
  • Corey would like your comments, both positive and negative, about the video.  Please email them to her:



Minutes prepared by Michelle Miller and Judy Gordon