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June 29, 2004


Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention

Meeting Participants

  • Andy Archuleta, Denver Fire Investigation Bureau
  • Diane Balkin, Denver District Attorney’s Office
  • Dave Belue, Denver Police Department
  • Joan Casey, Advocate
  • John Cogley, CCA Trauma and DVT
  • Judy Gordon, Consultant to CBA
  • Carri King, MHCD
  • Michelle Miller, CBA
  • David Mirich, Psychologist and Regis University Professor
  • Janet Paulson, Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
  • Corey Price, Dumb Friends League
  • Sheila Rappaport, Denver District Court
  • Diana Richett, Attorney
  • Barbara Riedell, Trainer Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Rev. Bill Riedell, Deacon St. Anthony’s, Centennial
  • Linda Rose, Linda Rose Design (logo)
  • Kathleen Schoen, CBA
  • Martha Smith, Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies
  • Marie Wheatley, American Humane Association




Next Meeting

Tuesday July 27, 2004, 12:00-1:30PM at CBA, 3rd floor small conference room (lunch provided, RSVP requested)





  • Corey reported on the overwhelming success of DDFL’s Critter Camp (15 young people for one week). Michelle made a video of the program and members viewed it. (CBA recently purchased video and video editing equipment.)



Umbrella Organization for CACP

  • Members voted to have CBA serve as umbrella/permanent home to the group, a recommendation that came from the Training Committee. CBA will handle such issues as copyright and can facilitate the handling of funds.



Training for Evaluators and Treatment Providers Update

  • The training committee will compare various trainings already developed (or being developed) by Society and Animals Forum (previously known as Psyeta), American Humane Association, and Humane Society US and will select one of the trainings to be the content for CACP’s first conference (tentatively set for October 27-29).
  • If the selection is the Society and Animals Forum content, the cost will be $7,200.
  • Not all costs will be passed on to attendees. The group will consider other funding options.
  • The structure will be: Day One – presentation by Aurora Link; Day Two – two all-day tracks, one for adults and one for children; Day Three – same two all-day tracks, one for adults and one for children. (Society and Animals Forum can accommodate 30 people per session, for a total of 120 attendees over Day Two and Day Three. SAF is also developing a train-the-trainers component that CACP may consider in order for this training to be ongoing.)
  • CBA will arrange all conference logistics (meeting place, accommodations for out-of-town guests, food, etc.).
  • The committee is considering pre-requisites but nothing has been decided yet. It is believed that the people who will be targeted with the invitation to attend will be already qualified – that target is therapists.
  • Attendees will earn certification.




  • A suggestion was made to consider charging membership dues as a way of raising modest funds. Members were invited to contact Michelle if they were interested in investigating that concept ( or 303/824-5333).




  • Linda Rose will charge CACP a very nominal fee of $300 for 15-20 hours of her design time, 3 rough sketches, 2 rounds of changes/modifications, and production of the selected sketch.
  • Diane suggested that members donate $10 each to cover Linda’s fee. This is a voluntary donation.
  • Members who were not present at today’s meeting will be informed and asked to contribute by sending checks made payable to the Colorado Bar Association, 1900 Grant Street, #900, Denver CO 80203, Attn: Michelle Miller.
  • Michelle collected donations from some members at the meeting.
  • Linda’s 3 rough sketches will be presented to the logo committee before the July 27th general CACP meeting.




  • It was noted that now is the time to plan for any legislation the group wants to see enacted in the coming legislative session.
  • Members were asked to suggest pieces of legislation.
  • Diane suggested seeking immunity for reporting of animal abuse – a broadening to include others in addition to vets (professionals as well as the general public). This would be voluntary at first; perhaps mandatory over time.
  • Joan and Martha offered to work on a legislative committee; Diane offered to draft text for a piece on immunity for reporting; Michelle also will serve on the committee and others who are interested can contact her ( or 303/824-5333).



Mini-Seminars at CACP Meetings

  • There is a wealth of information within the group. Perhaps members would be willing to share their expertise in mini-seminars at meetings.
  • The purpose of the mini-seminars would be to increase the members’ knowledge in the areas of animals, therapy, law, and other LINK-related topics.
  • Additionally, there are some worthwhile efforts going on in the community (e.g., Aurora Public Library’s kids reading to dogs program) that could be presented to the members at meetings.



School Involvement

  • It was discussed how to get more involvement from and with the schools.
  • The idea of taking the CACP issue to schools during inservice time we proposed. Corey said she would consider how to do that. An inservice would raise awareness of the LINK; the next level for anyone interested would be the treatment provider training. School psychologists and social workers would be ideal attendees for that training. These professionals have the knowledge of what students are animal abusers (according to parental reports on a particular form that psychologists and social workers administer).



Minutes prepared by Michelle Miller and Judy Gordon