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October 26, 2004

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention



Meeting Participants

  • Andy Archuleta, Denver Fire Investigation Bureau
  • Diane Balkin, Denver DA’s Office
  • John Cogley, CCA Trauma and DVT
  • Kay Dahlinger, Aurora LINK
  • Judy Gordon, Consultant to CBA
  • Michelle Miller, CBA
  • Barbara Novoryta, Dumb Friends League
  • Janet Paulson, Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
  • Corey Price, Dumb Friends League
  • Sheila Rappaport, Denver District Court
  • Diana Richett, Attorney
  • Barbara Riedell, Trainer in Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Kathleen Schoen, CBA



Next Meeting

Tuesday November 30, 2004, 12:00-1:30PM at CBA, 3rd floor small conference room (bring your own lunch). 

  • Corey Price from the Denver Dumb Friends League will tell us about her work with schools.





Debriefing on October 20th Link Training

  • The Link Training had 75 attendees and took in $1,550 on registration fees. Additional money was collected from the sale of DVDs.

  • Evaluation comments were very positive. Kay will circulate them to CACP members who participated on the panel.

  • Phil Tedeschi (one of the presenters) was a big hit. He will be partnering with American Humane Association on some of their outreach/training programs. CACP also is interested in partnering with him. (Might consider matching him with Barbara Fernandez, a treatment provider.)



Debriefing on October 21st and 22nd Society and Animals Forum Training

  • The Society and Animals Forum Training had 31attendees for the juvenile training and 19 attendees for the adult training.
  • The training was able to cover its costs thanks to a grant from the Animal Assistance Fund. A thank you card to AAF was circulated and signed by all present.
  • Members feel that we reached our goals – that of providing training for treatment providers.
  • A list of attendees (who received certification for attending) will be distributed to courts and probation departments as a referral list.
  • Many attendees indicated an interest in becoming trainers.
  • The overall sense is that therapists will practice what they learned. Kay will be calling them all to see if indeed they do practice it.
  • Constructive ideas for future trainings:
    • More emphasis on skill building.
    • Less lecture and more hands-on and visuals.
    • Be sure trainers come prepared with the appropriate technology and that it works.
    • Advise trainers not to try and navigate through a DVD with a large audience; PowerPoint would have been a better medium.
    • The content of the booklets was good.
    • Might consider having two tracks next time: an advanced track for those trained in October 2004 and a beginning track for newcomers. (The advanced track would need more case presentations.)
    • It is not likely that Society and Animals Forum will be asked to do another training for CACP.
    • Members may want to put together CACP’s own training manuals.
    • CACP may want to go after grant money (before holding future trainings) so the registration fee could be less than $75.


Outreach Speakers

  • Michelle continues to keep of track for requests for speakers (for awareness presentations). CACP members will continue to conduct these presentations.
  • CACP will reach out to associations and ask to be incorporated into association conferences/conventions/regular meetings/etc. Members were asked to contribute names of associations that would be good candidates for this outreach strategy. New groups such as pediatricians need to be targeted.
  • Outreach needs to tap other parts of the state as well as the Denver area.


Internal Speakers

  • Corey Price will present a program at the next CACP meeting.
  • Other members (and non-members) who might be asked to present at future CACP meetings include:
    • Barbara Novoryta (investigation and hoarding)
    • Diana Richett (GALs)
    • Sheila Rappaport (domestic relations)
    • David Geis (Animal Assistance Fund)
    • Phil Tedeschi (a clinical social worker experience)
    • Diane Balkin (DA’s presentation)



  • The CACP website needs new content now that the trainings are concluded.
  • Judy will contact members to ask them to contribute articles for the site.
  • Photos from the training will be incorporated on the site.
  • We will ask the CBA technology department if videotape is possible to do on the website. There is videotape of the trainings. Michelle is working out the utilization of that videotape with Society and Animals Forum.


Print Materials

  • There are no dollars available to print brochures at this time.



Minutes prepared by Judy Gordon