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November 30, 2004

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention



Meeting Participants

  • Joan Casey
  • John Cogley, CCA Trauma and DVT
  • Kay Dahlinger, Aurora LINK
  • Judy Gordon, Consultant to CBA
  • Jan Mickish, Mickish Consulting
  • Michelle Miller, CBA
  • Janet Paulson, Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
  • Corey Price, Dumb Friends League
  • Diana Richett, Attorney (and Simon, a pet mascot)
  • Barbara Riedell, Trainer in Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Bill Riedell, St. Timothy’s Centennial
  • Kathleen Schoen, CBA
  • Jenny Singh, Adams County Probation



Next Meeting

Tuesday January 25, 2005, 12:00-1:30PM at CBA, 3rd floor small conference room (bring your own lunch). 





Member Presentation

  • Corey Price of the Denver Dumb Friends League distributed promotional literature and talked about the various programs her department of DDFL offers to the public.
  • The goals of all the programs are to encourage and develop compassion, respect, and responsibility.
  • Corey utilizes 15 volunteers in her public programs, many of them bring a pet mascot. (Diana introduced us to Simon, her cat, who is a pet mascot; the only cat pet mascot. Simon visited with members throughout the meeting. Diana described how she presents Simon to the DDFL audiences.)
  • Most of the DDFL public programs are in schools (starting with kindergarten). They reach 18,000 annually in more than 500 sessions. Many programs go back to the same classrooms every year because teachers are so fond of them. Every teacher they visit gets a hard copy set of curriculum guides appropriate for their grade level. (The curriculum guides are downloadable from the DDFL website
  • DDFL is starting a program with at-risk youth and is working on a partnership with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department. As Corey said repeatedly, “I’ll take the program anywhere and everywhere.”
  • The Quebec facility also has interactive exhibits for facility visitors.
  • Critter Camp was a new program offered during the summer of 2004; it was designed for 3rd to 5th graders, but attracted 4th to 6th graders. It will be expanded four-fold in summer of 2005.



  • Judy reported that new content is up on the website (, including links to a number of worthwhile articles and organizations.
  • Members suggested an additional category called “educational opportunities” that would alert users of the various trainings happening locally (David M’s classes, Diane B’s trainings, DDFL’s curriculum for teachers, CACP’s speakers bureau, HS University web-based training, etc.)
  • A link will be put up to the Make It Your Business Domestic Violence Project website.
  • Judy will “farm” more info from members’ organizations’ websites and other organizations listed in the Helpful Links section.
  • The website will be demonstrated at the January 25th meeting.



Minutes prepared by Judy Gordon