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Meeting Minutes: March 15, 2007

Minutes 2-15-07

Members present:

Spencer Crona
Bob Wahm
Michele Lawonn
Carl Glatstein
Michael Kirtland
Larry Henning

1. Bob Wahm:  Pg 5 strike out sample language


2. Carl Glatstein: Discussion of whether to recommend striking from POA and Anatomical gift statutes.
 General concurrence, however we do not have authority here, simply can recommend the change.
3. Bob Wahm: Page 5 new section 5 if we have a well written MPOA why do we need LW?
 - LW not going away,
 - current draft gives option to combine or have stand alone

4.Larry Henning: 15-18-107 (notification language) recommend changing to say discussing with persons on this list does not constitute a HIPAA violation

 Discussion: Modified to use language indicating it is consistent with HIPAA requirements.


. Larry Michele change 15-18-107 to include “sibling or any other person designated in writing by the principal”


6.  Michele Lawonn/Michael Kirtland: modify priority to 1) agent and 2) any of the others. 

 Strike “in the order listed”



7.  Carl Glatstein: Recommend in 15-18-104(7) striking the last sentence of the recommended change.


All other changes through 15-18-109 were approved unanimously.

Bob Wahm: We should revisit 15-18-104(6) , given the significant change made.  Agreed by all present.