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Meeting Agenda: November 17, 2005

  Agenda for CBA Advance Directives Task Force Meeting on November 17, 2005
  1.  Reports / Updates (Michael Kirtland)
  2. Status Report on Pertinent Activities & Articles (Susan Fox Buchanan)

  a. DSS Adult Protective Services Handbook on Advance Directives

  b. El Paso County Medical Society (Dave Griffith)

 3. Review of Focus, Concerns and Goals :

  a. Revised Living Will (only) Form

  b. Universal (Combined) Living Will / Medical POA Form

  4. Focus on Form(s) Development
   a. Working List of Issues to be Addressed in Revised Form(s)
   For each of the following issues, we will need to determine:
  (1) Is this the correct way to frame the issue?

  (2)  What are the alternative solutions?

  (3) Is legislative action necessary, or can we do a good (enough) "fix" in a revised form, without statutory changes?
  1.  Creating a morally and philosophically neutral form (It strikes me this is our marching order.)

   2.  Whether, and how, to permit individual additions to the document for specific medical issues  and for religious / moral beliefs.
   3.  Should we divide directions for terminal conditions and persistent vegetative state?  If so, how.?
   4.  Should we separate life-sustaining treatment from nutrition and hydration?
   5.  How do we deal with defining persist vegetative state (and redefining terminal condition)?
   6.  How do we incorporate organ/tissue donation into the LW?

   7.  Do we incorporate existing "default" standards (proxy statute), or do we identify new ones ?
   8.  Do we combine LW and HCPOA?

  9.  How do we include HIPAA language?
  10. Should the form be mandatory ("in substantial compliance"), suggested, optional or should there be no form at all? 
   b. Organization of Working Group(s)