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A Small Business Practitioner's List of Helpful Articles from The Colorado Lawyer

Title of Article in the Colorado Lawyer

Colorado Lawyer Issue, Year and Page


Colorado Choice of Entity 1998

6/98, p5

An Overview of the New Colorado Business Corporation Act

11/93, p2337

An Overview of the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act

9/97, p5

Entity and Trade Name Registration Requirements and Customs in Colorado

1/99, p5

Trademark Protection for Small Businesses

11/98, p11

Antitrust Questions and Answers: A Primer for Practitioners

3/95, p521

Inter-entity Mergers and Conversions and Other Changes Under SB 97-233

1/98, p49


Drafting a Noncompetition Clause for the Colorado Contract

4/91, p703

Drafting and Negotiating Effective Confidentiality Agreements

1/96, p29

Distinguishing Between an Employee's General Knowledge and Trade Secrets

9/94, p2123

Enjoining Former Employees From Taking Software

1/95, p1771

Dorman v Petrol Aspen, Inc The Death of Employment at Will?

11/96, p97

Avoiding Intellectual Property Pitfalls When Hiring High-Tech Employees

2/98, p85


Allocating the Purchase Price for a Business Acquisition

9/91, p1205

Covenants Not to Compete in the Sale of a Business: Protecting Goodwill

12/97, p31

An Introduction to the Law of Trade Secrets

9/94, p2125

Colorado Business Assets Acquisitions: A Tax Trap for the Unwary

9/97, p65


The Buy-Sell Agreement: Alternative Forms

11/93, p2381

Funding Buy-Sell Agreements

3/98, p41

A First Refusal Paradigm for Buy-Sell Agreements

6/95, p1289


An Introduction to the Colorado Uniform Partnership Act(1997)

1/98, p5

Limited Liability Partnerships and Other Entities Authorized in Colorado

7/95, p1525

Partnership Status of Joint Ventures in Colorado

11/95, p2553

Editorial Comments on CRS 38-30-166

2/96, p61


Letters of Intent: Are They Binding?

10/95, p2367

Real Estate and Colorado Limited Liability Companies

3/97, p101

Settling Land Use Disputes Under Rule 106(a)(4)

11/97, p97

Essentials of Building Construction Contracts

1/84, p1

Enforcement of Leases Through Unlawful Detainer Actions

2/91, p251

Survey of Colorado Landlord and Tenant Law
     Part I

5/93, p991

     Part II

6/93, p1273

The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act

4/92, p645

Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act - How It Is doing

11/96, p17

Recent Developments in Foreclosure Law

3/94, p599

Foreclosure Sale Excess Proceeds


The New Brokerage Legislation: The Demise of "Agency By Surprise"

9/93, p1919

Considerations for Real Estate Investors Planning Tax Free Exchanges:
     Part I

10/91, p2085

     Part II

11/91, p2295

Delayed Like-Kind Exchanges

5/91, p929

Delayed Like-Kind Exchanges: The Final Regulations

6/91, p1209

Real Estate Exchanges in the 1990's: Lessons From the Front

3/96, p1

Toxic Torts for the General Practitioner

2/91, p207

An Environmental Compliance Checklist for Real Estate Practitioners

12/94, p61

Contractual Allocation of Environmental Liabilities in Real Estate Transactions

3/96, p79

Recovering Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Costs

7/91, p1405

Partition: A Little Known Remedy

6/88, p1063

Farm and Ranch Transactions:More Than Just Real Estate Sales Contracts

11/95, p2497

Zoning Ordinances and the Fair Housing Amendments Act

2/97, p63

Substantive Due Process and Zoning Decisions

3/96, p71

A Primer on the Phases of Real Estate Development

2/98, p79


Mastering the Maze of Secured Transactions:
     Part I

11/92, p2329

     Part II

12/92, p2533

Remastering the Maze: Revisions to UCC Article 9 Filing Provisions

6/96, p3

Full Satisfaction Checks Under UCC Revised Article III

4/95, p771

Colorado Usury: The Sequel:
     Part I

3/94, p565

     Part II

4/94, p829


Overview of Colorado Exemption Laws

9/92, p1883

Tax Land Mines That Await the Unwary Bankruptcy Practitioner

1/94, p31

Proofs of Claim

10/93, p2295

Prebankruptcy Planning: Conversion of Nonexempt Assets Into Exempt Assets

2/92, p231

Representing the Debtor - Attorney Beware

3/94, p539


An Introduction to Tax Liens

3/84, p399

Perfection and Enforcement of Attorney's Liens in Colorado

3/97, p57

Substantial Completion as it Relates to the Colorado Mechanics Lien Act

2/97, p45


Recovery of Attorney Fees and Costs in Colorado

9/94, p2041

Colorado's New Fraudulent Transfer Statute

9/91, p1815

Motions for Default Judgments

6/95, p1295

Burdens of Proof in Civil Actions

1/94, p83

Opinion Testimony

6/93, p1185


6/93, p1207

Stretching Relevancy

6/93, p1177

Admissibility of Settlement Discussions Involving Differing Disputes

8/93, p1695

Rule 615: Exclusion of Witnesses

6/95, p1299

Rules 801 and 613:  Evidentiary Uses of Other Pleadings Filed in Other Cases

11/92, p2389

Rules 801 and 804: The Admissibility of Out of Court Statements Made by Present and Past Employees

9/97, p77

The Other Rules of Evidence

9/95, p2169


9/96, p35

Demonstrative Evidence: Coming of Age

6/93, p1191

Winning With Visual Evidence

1/96, p35

Application of the Pro Rata, Comparative Negligence and Contribution Statutes

8/94, p1717

Negligent Misrepresentation and the Economic Loss Rule

8/93, p1690

The Fragile Right to a Civil Jury Trial in Colorado

1/98, p49


Compendium of Colorado ADR Provisions:
     Part I

7/94, p1515

     Part II

9/94, p2101

Mediation/Arbitration an ADR Tool

3/95, p553


Perfecting Appeals to Court of Appeals

11/92, p2385

Motions Practice in the Court of Appeals

9/94, p1797

Obtaining a Supersedeas Bond

3/94, p607

Appealing From Denial of Summary Judgment

8/95, p1777

Procedures and Policies of the Colorado Court of Appeals

9/95, p2105

Common Sense Rules For Oral Argument

9/97, p71


A Summary of Colorado Water Law

1/92, p64

Water Rights - How To Avoid Getting In Over Your Head

1/82, p2145

Water Title Examination

10/80, p2043


Mental Capacity and Freedom of Testation

3/97, p15

Self-Settled Trusts Following OBRA 1993

6/94, p1297

Qualified Personal Residence Trusts: A Powerful Estate Planning Tool

1/95, p39

FLP's for Family Asset Management and Transfer Tax Planning

6/95, p2145

Colorado Patient Autonomy Act: Opportunities and Challenges:
     Part I

9/92, p1901

     Part II

10/92, p2203

CPR Directives in Colorado

4/94, p845

Exemptions, Liens and the Home: The New Medicaid Regulations:
     Part I

9/93, p1903

     Part II

10/93, p2243

The New Colorado Power of Attorney for Property Act

11/94, p2527

Joint Revocable Trusts

9/97, p63


Sweat Equity: Tax Planning for Founders' Shares and Beyond

4/94, p869

Taxpayer Rights in the Context of IRS Collection Activity

4/93, p755

New Entity Classification Regulations

4/97, p3