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Clarke on Clark

Judge Patricia Ann Clark (who acquired the nickname "pac woman" in the 70s and 80s for the way she chewed-up unprepared attorneys in her Courtroom) was assigned a mid-size oil & gas Chapter 11 reorganization case in which I represented the operating trustee. When war first broke out in the Persian Gulf in 1990, it appeared likely my entire reserve unit would be mobilized. I promptly reported this to Judge Clark and we discussed the scenarios for obtaining replacement counsel. It subsequently turned out all the services wanted all their reservists and there wasn't enough money, so only half my unit members (the ones with most-recent active duty experience) were ultimately called up. For some years afterwards when I saw PAC socially she expressed much interest in how the unit helped win the war and how the families left behind coped. In a post-Vietnam society with generally little interest in things military, I'll always remember her concern expressed for a group of reservists who, but for me, were strangers to her.

Jon Clarke is the sole shareholder of Jon B. Clarke, P.C. He has been listed in the National Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers since 1994.