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Thursday, August 7, 2014 Law describes the way things would work if men were angels.
~ Christopher Dawson
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From the Bar

Initiatives to Attack the Judiciary Fail to Make the Ballot

This message is from Stacy Carpenter, Chair of the Joint Judicial Task Force’s Vote No 79 and 94 Leadership Council. On May the 10, members of the Colorado Bar Association Board of Governors voted overwhelmingly to resist the newest attack on Colorado’s judiciary and to oppose two proposed ballot initiatives. The first was initiative 79, which would have increased the number of “Yes” votes required for a justice or judge to be retained in office from a simple majority to a two-thirds majority starting with the November 4, 2014 election. This initiative likely would have resulted in a significant number of judicial vacancies following the November election, would have significantly impacted the ability to find qualified candidates to fill those vacancies, and most certainly would have negatively impacted the public’s access to justice. The second was initiative 94 which would have created a so-called Independent Ethics Commission and would have stripped the Commission on Judicial Discipline of all authority to regulate judges. This initiative would transferred authority for judicial discipline to the Independent Ethics Commission, where all proceedings against judges, including those related to disabilities, were public, where appellate court rulings could be disregarded, and where every prior ruling issued by the Commission on Judicial Discipline could be revisited without consideration of the passage of time.

Following the decision by the Colorado Bar Association to oppose these ballot initiatives, our Joint Judicial Task Force formed the Vote No 79 and 94 Leadership Council. The Council, which was a joint undertaking by the CBA, DBA, and the Colorado Judicial Institute, was made up of 50 attorneys from all across the state. The Council worked hard over the last 8 months to track the progress of these initiatives and to prepare to run an opposition campaign if necessary.

The Council is pleased to report that neither of these two initiatives got much traction or attracted any funding and that the proponent has failed to obtain the signatures necessary to get either of them on the November 4, 2014 ballot. While this particular battle has been put to rest, it is important that we, as the state-wide organization of attorneys, stand ready to protect the impartiality of our judiciary and the merit-selection system that sets Colorado apart from many other states.

On behalf of CBA President Charley Garcia, the CBA would like to thank Stacy Carpenter and the Joint Judicial Task Force for all the hard work they put in, and for the continuing work they do to monitor potential attacks on the judiciary.

Chuck Turner Selected as the 2014 Award of Merit Recipient

The CBA Awards Committee unanimously selected Chuck Turner as this year’s CBA Award of Merit winner. The consensus was that the award to Chuck, who has announced his resignation from the bar effective January 1, was long overdue and that he has clearly exceeded the requirements for selection: “Outstanding service to the association, outstanding service or contribution to the legal profession, outstanding contribution to the administration of justice, or outstanding service to the community.”

CBA President Charles Garcia says: “We all agree Chuck meets the qualifications with removing the ‘or’ entirely from the criteria and replacing it with ‘and.’ He has done it all and has done it for thirty-four years. We all are indebted to him and this is a token of our gratitude for all he has done for the association and each of us individually as members.”

Turner will receive the award at the Colorado Bar Foundation Bar Fellows Dinner on January 9, 2015.

40-Hour Mediation Training in January—Offered Only Twice a Year! Begins August 11

If you are ready to take a serious plunge into mediation, our 40-hour Mediation Training Course will provide the skills and knowledge for beginning a career as a mediator or learning new tools to enhance your mediation skills. Co-sponsored by the CBA Dispute Resolution Section, the program has been designed to meet the 40-hour training standards approved by the CBA and the Mediation Association of Colorado. The teacher for the training, Judy Mares-Dixon, M.A., is considered one of the top mediation trainers in the country! Find out more.

Hanging Your Shingle: Your Future Begins Now—August 14–16

Sponsored by the CBA Professional Liability Committee and the Solo/Small Firm Section

Today’s legal world is complex: constantly changing laws, new technology, and navigating social media. Get the tools, information, and building blocks you need to confidently open the doors to your new firm during this two-and-a-half-day program. Learn how to: write a business plan; find out about bank financing; review your choice of entity; learn to manage your malpractice exposure; get marketing and business development tools; set up accounting and finance systems; and much more. Register now!

COLAP’s Tip of the Week

COLAP’s Tip of the Week: Stand up...Literally

How many hours a day do you spend sitting? Think about driving, at work, at the dinner table or in your home office, and on the couch. Even if you exercise, sitting for eight or more hours a day severely compromises both your mental and physical health. Click here to read more.

From CBA-CLE Legal Connection

Walking the Talk: An Interview with Judy Mares-Dixon

Judy Mares-Dixon, M.A., is well experienced in conflict resolution. Since 1986, she has been working in the dispute resolution field as a trainer, mediator, coach, facilitator, consultant, and dispute resolution systems designer. We are honored to have Judy return to CLE for our 40 Hour Mediation Training beginning on August 11, and are excited to present an interview with Judy. Click here for the interview.

New C.J.E.A.B. Opinion States Judges Cannot Ethically Use Marijuana

On Thursday, July 31, 2014, the Colorado State Judicial Branch released Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board (C.J.E.A.B.) Opinion 2014-01, advising Colorado judges that because marijuana is still illegal under federal laws, any use of marijuana violates Rule 1.1 of the Canon of Judicial Conduct. Click here to read more.

Optimize Your Membership

Clio Cloud Conference—Where Forward Thinking Lawyers and Cloud Technology Converge

Join CBA member benefit provider Clio for its annual Cloud Conference from Sept. 22–23, in Chicago. Whether yo’re an attorney or support staff, there's content tailored for you. CBA members can use discount code CCCBar2014 for an additional $100 off their registration fee. Click here to learn more.

Lending Library Book of the Week: How to Achieve Success After the Bar Exam, A Step-By-Step Action Plan

How to Achieve Success After the Bar Exam, A Step-By-Step Action Plan will guide recent law school graduates as they make the crucial transition from student to lawyer. Through week-by week activities and practical advice, the book will help recent grads define their career vision, find networking opportunities, demonstrate their value to potential clients, develop accountability, and think like a businessperson. For more information about this title and many others in the CBA’s Law Practice Management Library, visit the Lending Library page or contact Sue Bertram at 303-824-5372.

Tip of the Week From the LPM Department

Updating Internet Explorer—Why It’s Worth It

There are many reasons to keep all browsers up to date on all of your computers. This week we are focusing on the benefits of updating Internet Explorer to the most current version—Internet Explorer 11—popularly referred to as IE 11.

  • Security: With each new version of Internet Explorer Microsoft boasts enhanced security; IE 11 is simply more secure than IE 10 and IE 9.
  • Safety of Personal Information: IE 11 has new and improved safety options to guard your personal data. Check them out here.
  • Compatibility and Speed: IE 11 is much more compatible with the latest website standards than its predecessors. The often overlooked component of browser performance, speed, has also been vastly improved in IE 11.

You can verify the version of Internet Explorer you are currently running by:

  • Opening Internet Explorer
  • Clicking Tools (the gear icon in the upper right hand corner)
  • Clicking “About Internet Explorer” in the menu
  • A box with version information will pop up

If you find that you are already using IE 11 and don’t remember installing it, it was probably installed as part of your Windows automatic updates.

If you are a Windows 7 user and find that you aren’t on Microsoft IE’s latest and greatest you can download and install by following the instructions from Microsoft here.

Interested in reading more about the benefits of IE 11? Check out this article from Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7.

Contact Reba Nance at if you have questions.

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