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Thursday, July 10, 2014 Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon. July 1969 A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.
~ Neil Armstrong
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The CBA’s membership renewal process has begun. Click here to renew online. We look forward to continuing to serve you. For questions about the renewal process email

Where in the World is Charley?
Be on the Lookout for CBA President Charley Garcia—Coming to a City Near You

When local bar members speak, CBA President Charley Garcia listens. Don’t miss your opportunity to speak with the CBA president and your local judges about the issues in your community, the needs of the court and legal profession, bench/bar relations—or whatever’s on your mind. Check Charley’s upcoming schedule of stops: Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Cortez, Durango. Want to know more about your new president? Click here.

New ICCES Software Release

There is a new ICCES software release (2.2.5) scheduled for Saturday, July 19. If you are interested in seeing what changes are coming click here. While you're there, check out the list of Future Enhancements. Suggestions for enhancements are always welcome. Feel free to send them to

The Colorado Lawyer Seeks Proposals for October 2015 Special Issue

Special issues comprise 5 to 8 substantive law articles on broad-based topics. Emphasis is on the practical and procedural, rather than the theoretical or philosophical, including an ethics-related article. Send your topic ideas and suggestions or proposals for future special issues or Qs about creating a special issue to Submission drop-dead deadline is Monday, Sept. 1.

Join Us at a Big Party for Small Firms!—Friday, Aug. 22

Solo Small Firm section members are welcome to attend a barbeque at Elkind Alterman Harston, followed by a Rockies game. Due to space restrictions, the barbeque is for section members only, no guests. Click here to register for the barbeque. The game is for section members and their guests. Click here to purchase Rockies tickets.

Drafting Complex Legal Documents with Microsoft Word Featuring National Speaker Barron Henley—Wednesday, July 23

No matter your skill level, Barron Henley’s class will make your work better—easier and quicker document creation, document sharing, and document management. Topics include: How to keep your digital files organized; How to collaborate on documents without revealing unnoticed changes that could hurt your clients; get FREE formatted, sample Microsoft Word templates for pleadings, contracts, trusts, and leases; learn how to safely and ethically share and collaborate on documents. Click here to register.

Agricultural, Environmental & Water Law Symposium 2014: The Great Drought & What It Means to You—Thursday, July 24
Co-sponsored by the CBA Agricultural and Rural Law Section

From agricultural to tourism, to real estate and oil and gas development, the lack of water is affecting many segments of our economy and communities across the state. This program brings together some of the top public officials, academics, and attorneys to address the great Western drought and how you can help your clients respond to it. Find out more.

Medicaid Boot Camp in a Day—Wednesday, July 30
Co-sponsored by the CBA Elder Law Section

This seminar provides important information ranging from basic to advanced in a single program. Some of Colorado’s most experienced Medicaid practitioners cover subjects that are rarely included in your typical Medicaid CLE program. Topics include Medicaid long-term care, HCBS & PACE; new Medicaid provisions under the Affordable Care Act; financial & estate planning for seniors and persons with disabilities; advanced Medicaid planning techniques; use of Qualified Settlement Funds; and practical, nuts & bolts instruction on how to prepare, document and file a Medicaid application and how to appeal an adverse Notice of Action. Save your spot now.

COLAP’s Tip of the Week

COLAP’s Tip of the Week: Encore: The Benefits of Music

Last time, we discussed the many benefits of music, but unfortunately technology was against us. Here again is the article with a working link. Did you know that rock-n-rollin’ can improve your hearing, your memory, your immune system, and your sleep? Click here to find out.

From CBA-CLE Legal Connection

Fostering Success Legal Clinic—Why MVL is Addressing the Needs of Foster Kids!

Foster Children... What comes to mind when you read this term? When I think of foster children, I tend to visualize something out of Oliver Twist... a group of young kids, hanging together, with little supervision. Then, of course, I think of Jane Eyre, Annie, or Harry Potter. Upon further reflection, I recall a few friends and acquaintances, who have on occasion mentioned that when young, they were fostered until perhaps being adopted or otherwise growing into successful, professional adults. Click here to read more.

Enlightenment Made Simple (Part Seven): Micro-Brewed Bliss

The last two posts in this series were about pivoting. A few decades ago we would have talked about guerilla marketing. Recently, the topic would have been the nimble organization. Nowadays, you probably know about the microenterprisemovement, you’ve noticed all the Colorado microbreweries and wineries, and you’ve probably seen stuff online about micro-housing. Long before any of that, we had Small is Beautiful. Plus variations on the theme along the way. Click here to read more.

Optimize Your Membership

Make Sure You are Covered with RPA Insurance Services

Workers’ Compensation in Colorado is mandatory coverage for any employer that has one or more employee, and rates can vary dramatically from insurer to insurer. RPA Insurance Services can perform a review of your policy to assist with securing the most competitive premium and proper coverage for your firm. Oftentimes a review of your firm's current policy will result in significant savings. For more information, click here.

Lending Library Book of the Week: iPad in One Hour for Lawyers

Fully revised and updated to reflect the newest versions of the iPad and the latest apps available, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, Third Edition, will help attorneys get more out of their iPad. Ideal for lawyers who want to get up to speed fast, this acclaimed book presents the essentials, so you don’t get bogged down in technical jargon and extraneous features and apps. For more information about this title and many others in the CBA’s Law Practice Management Library, visit the Lending Library page or contact Sue Bertram at 303-824-5372.

Tip of the Week From the LPM Department

Change the default open and save folder

By default, Microsoft Word tries to save new documents in your “My Documents” folder on your C drive. Using the same logic, when you click on “open” to open an existing document, it assumes the document is saved in the “My Documents” folder. Many people (if not the majority) want to save documents somewhere other than in the “My Documents” folder on their C drive.

For example, if you save your documents to client folders in a drive other than C, here’s how you can change the default location for documents to something such as G:\clients\documents. That way, the next time you click on “save as,” the location will default to G:\clients\documents and all you have to choose is the individual client folder (depending upon how you’ve structured your directory).

Here’s how to do that in Word 2003, Word 2007, and Word 2010:

In Word 2003:

  • Open a new Word document.
  • Choose Tools and then Options from the toolbar.
  • Click on the File Locations tab.
  • Click on Documents under File Types.
  • Click on the Modify button.
  • Use the Look in: box to browse to the folder you want to use from now on.
  • Click on the folder name, then click on OK to select that location.
  • Click on OK again. That’s it.

In Word 2007:

  • Click on the Microsoft Office button (the graphic on the top far left).
  • Click Word Options (near the bottom of the box).
  • Click Save (on the left).
  • Under Save Documents, next to the Default File Location box, click Browse.
  • Select the new default folder and click OK, and you're done.

In Word 2010:

  • Click on File on the ribbon (upper left).
  • Click on Options (on the left).
  • Click on Save (on the left).
  • Under Save Documents, next to the Default File Location box, click Browse.
  • Select the new default folder and click OK, and you’re finished.

Contact Reba Nance at if you have questions.

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