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CBA Bill of Rights Committee
Minutes of Regular Meeting May16, 2007

Participating members present were Mari Newman (Chair), Melissa Monheim, Brian Moore and Tim Quinn.  Attempting to participate by cell phone were Patty Jarzobski, Laura Schwartz and Sara Rich.  Attempting to participate by phone conference was Terry Quinn.  Stacy Chesney provided staff support.  The phones all failed and apologies are extended to all who would have participated.

1.  The Committee discussed education and CLE possibilities for the next year.

a.   Melissa Monheim presented the opportunity to join with the American Constitutional Society in its September 19, 2007 presentation on Citizenship-150 years after the Dred Scott Decision.  ACS may also ask the Federalist Society to partner.  ACS will do the organizational work and has the commitments of Judge Tymkovich and UCB Law Professor Hunnington.  The Committee suggested that CBA could offer to promote the CLE through e-mail and website and to publish notices in the Colorado Lawyer and The Docket.  Melissa will communicate the July deadlines for publication in the September issues.

 b.   Mari Newman and Tim Quinn suggested that a series of lunch presentations could be organized around topics relevant to the August, 2008 Democratic Convention.
Suggestions included:

i. Free Speech Zones.  The law and experience litigating these issues.

ii. Police surveillance.  The law and experience litigating these issues in Denver spy files and NY convention cases.

iii. Others?  Please suggest.

The Committee will develop concrete proposals, possible materials and solicit balanced presenters for the next meeting

c. Tim Quinn circulated an outline of issues related to “Privacy and Surveillance” which may provide the basis for future development.

2. The Committee discussed methods to make the Legislative Review process more relevant.

a. The Bar should make its legislative bill summaries more available.  Michael Valdez summary is updated and e-mailed to CBA members who request to be on the list. During the session, the link to sign up for the list is posted on the website

b. The Committee could draft and publish notice of significant bills without advocacy.  The Committee respects the decision-making function of the LPC and the Board with respect to advocacy.  This will be discussed with the Bar leadership.
c. Brian Moore indicated he wanted to serve as representative of the BOR committee on the LPC

3.  The Committee name change will be considered by the Board at its next meeting.