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LOCATION:  CBA offices, Denver, CO


Chair:  Mari Newman 
Vice Chair: Sara Rich
Laura Schwartz – via conference call 
Michael Levy – law student participant 
Patty Jarzobski 
Gordan Gamm 
Melissa Monheim
Kate Jenkins – via conference call 
Brad Abramson


CBA Personnel – Stacy Chesney


- Approval of Minutes

  • Proposed and approved amendments
    • Laura Schwartz attempted to attend last months meeting by phone
    • Brian Moore indicated his interest in becoming the BOR representative on the LPC 
  • Minutes approved with the previous two amendments

- Discussion regarding CLEs and other educational programs

  • First Amendment Series re Democratic Convention
    • Spy Files/Police Infiltration
      • Mark Silverstein of the ACLU has agreed to provide the ACLU point of view
        need to find counterpoint
        • possibly police officer or city/county attorney – Tim Quinn will look into these as options – maybe Hardesty
        • Laura Schwartz “googled” the counsel on the Spy Files cases and found out that Thomas Rice represented Denver in those cases 
        • possibly someone who thinks the PATRIOT Act is a good idea
        • possibly a judge that presided over one of the cases – Melissa advises that they will not do this because it is an open issue that has the potential of being re-litigated
      • Gordan Gamm mentioned that Shapiro has given presentations regarding things that have happened in society and why in terms of security v. liberty 
        • Possibly Bob Nagel – professor at CU – Michael Levy thinks he may be more suited for the Free Speech issue as opposed to Spy Files
    • Free speech Zones
      • Can probably find people for these topics pretty easily – Mari called the opposing counsel on the case and is waiting for them to get back to her
  • Timing of CLEs 
    • Earliest is possibly in the fall b/c BOR committee is co-sponsoring in September with ACS as well as the Lindh speaking event – we do not want to overload during the end of the year
    • Discussion as to having the First Amendment series begin in 2008 – more interest during the same year as the convention – really busy with other two programs 
    • Need to prepare at the end of this year because the legislative session will be so busy during the first few months of the session in 2008
  • Discussion as to next months meeting being cancelled – moved and seconded – passed
    • Next meeting will be in August
  • Co-Sponsorship of September 19, 2007 presentation on Citizenship-150 years after the Dred Scott Decision with American Constitutional Society
  • Gordan Gamm wanted to re-visit the idea of planning a CLE or panel presentation on the philosophical underpinnings of the civil liberties
    • Possibly using philosophical writings from that time 
    • Problem with the erosion of civil liberties is that people do not understand where they come from and why 
    • Tim Quinn feels that the historical aspect could be addressed within each of the more specific CLE’s – Sara Rich agrees that, while this is a good idea and worthwhile topic it may too generalized and we could be biting off more than we as a committee can chew along with the other CLEs we have been discussing 
    • Other ideas
      • “whether torture works”
      • Due process and why it is important 
    • This topic is interesting but needs to be postponed for purposes of keeping meetings to an hour 
    • Great idea for a Law Day presentation which is May 1, 2008
      • Gordan Gamm and Brad Abramson have agreed to be on a sub-committee to organize this CLE
  • Co-sponsorship opportunity for speaking event with Frank Lindh, father of John Walker Lindh (the "American Taliban")
    • Frank Lindh will waive the speaking fees 
    • Co-sponsor with the ACLU and other organizations including student organizations from the law schools 
    • Will speak at several events while in town including lunch at law school 
    • Some concern on the board regarding the $$$ - idea offered that we would publicize through the CBA instead of $$$ to help advertise the event 
    • Committee agreed to co-sponsor the event w/out providing any funding but publicizing through the CBA for advertisement 
    • This is a link to a webcast of a presentation given by Frank Lindh in London, sponsored by Cageprisoners
  • Tim Quinn handed out some other options for CLE’s – we understand that we have a lot on our plate but this is something to keep in mind for the future (attached hereto as addendum to minutes)
    • Melissa said that ACS is currently looking at the 2nd amendment issue that was put forward by Tim Quinn

- Organizational issues

  • Budget – question was posed as to what our budget is and how can the committee get more money if necessary
    • Committees don’t have a set budget and if we want to get more money then we have to go through certain procedures
  • Follow up on discussion re making legislative review more relevant
    • To have someone appointed to the LPC we need to speak with the CBA president – maybe talk to Liz Starrs now then to the incoming president, David Lytle
  • The committee agreed to revisit the issue of when the best time for meetings are and will advertise again through email 
  • Next meeting is August 15, 2008 at 7:30 at the CBA offices

- Gordan Gamm put forward idea to have a social event where the members get together for drinks

  • Sara Rich volunteered to attempt to find a location for everyone to meet after work sometime 
  • Maybe in August