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Location:  CBA offices, Denver, CO.

Committee members present:

                Chair, Mari Newman
                Brian Moore
                Stephen A. Justino
                Tim Quinn
                Dennis Thome

By conference call:

                Lorraine Parker
                Danyel Joffe

Staff Present:

                Michael Valdez
                Stacy Chesney

Meeting beginning 5:30 p.m.



Approval of Minutes:

Minutes of September 5, 2007 meeting approved with correction of Tom Marrese’s name.


Website update: 

Porya Mansorian will climb the learning curve for us on the new CBA website.


Meeting Date and time:

After review of the survey data, the fewest conflicts occur on the first Tuesday.  Regular meetings of the committee will be held on the first Tuesday of the month beginning December 4, 2007 at 5:30 p.m.  (Tuesday is preferable since it precedes the Wednesday LPC meeting deadline for submission of issues to be considered).


Social Event:

Sara Rich will arrange and send notices for a social event early in November.  This event will give members an opportunity to talk informally.  All of the extensive membership will be invited with the hope that more will participate in the regular meetings and work of the committee.



Lindh Event:

The committee offered to co-sponsor with a required disclaimer.  The committee did not know what positions or policies the speaker would advocate.  The event organizers did not accept the offer.  Lino Lipinsky provided a written analysis of the function of a disclaimer.  He suggested that rather than making judgments about which events adequately presented all positions that the committee require disclaimers in all events or none. 

Mission of BOR Committee:

Extensive discussion of the role of the BOR Committee followed the Lindh update.  Is balance more important than advancing rights?   The mission statement describes promotion of civil rights.  In the past, education rather than advocacy was emphasized.  Any discussion of meaningful civil liberties issues involves exploring different interpretations or tensions between constitutional mandates. When seeking to educate, the Committee seeks to bring out all relevant views.  The Committee does not endorse all views presented.   The Committee wants to encourage discussion, debate and education concerning constitutional and civil rights.  The Committee cannot advocate on behalf of the CBA without approval by the CBA Board. The CBA encompasses diverse interests which the Board reconciles.

The Committee determined the use of disclaimers in all events is appropriate.  The disclaimer should read:

“The BOR Committee is sponsoring this event for educational purposes.  The CBA does not necessarily endorse the views of any speaker.”

 CLE:  First Amendment series related to the DNC.


1.     Free Speech Zones:

a.      Tom Marresse, Colorado Springs City Attorney’s Office, 719-385-5909 and Ed Ramey, 303-292-5656 will present the opposing views.  The speakers can recruit additional speakers.
b.     February 4, 2008 will be the luncheon CLE.
c.     CLE in Colorado will host and arrange lunches available for purchase.  The date has been cleared.


2.     Denver Spy Files

a.      Tom Rice, 303-320-0509 and Mark Silverstein, 303-777-2490 will present the opposing views.
b.     April or June, 2008 date, for luncheon CLE.
c.     CLE in Denver will host and arrange lunches for purchase.  The dates must be cleared with the participants and CLE in Colorado.


3.     Demonstrations:  Regulating Free Speech.             

a.      NLG has offered to co-sponsor and will bring in a national speaker concerned with the chilling or repressive effect on free speech of illegal tactics like mass false arrests.  The committee wants a counterpoint, if available, to present the concerns mass demonstrations raise for law enforcement in respect to safety, property rights, and the rights of other groups. 
b.     April or June, 2008 for luncheon CLE.




1.  American Constitution Society’s CLE November 2, 2007 on “Our Undemocratic Constitution” discussing apparently provisions for impeachment of executive officers and lifetime tenure of S.Ct. justices.

(not discussed)