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July 3, 2008

July 3, 2008 

Colorado Bar Association weekly e-newsletter


- DU Mentor Program – Make a Difference

- Be proud! Show-off Our Courts   

- Psst…Association members make more, happier at work 

- Inclusion: How to loosen barriers to legal diversity

- Still too stressed to read this

- Microsoft Word 2007 for the Law Office

-Colorado Rules of Evidence Annotated, 2007 Edition

- Tip of the Week

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We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.
- Thomas Jefferson

 *** DU Mentor Program – Make a Difference
The University of Denver Sturm College of Law invites attorneys and judges to mentor a first-year student during the upcoming school year. Mentors meet with students at least three times per semester, with an assigned topic for each meeting. Each session lasts one hour. Apply online here! Or e-mail your bio/resume to Questions? Contact Sal Quintana at (303) 871-6189. Take a moment to refer your colleagues, too!

*** Be proud! Show-off Our Courts  
Have you been to an Our Courts presentation yet? If you have, then you know what the buzz is about. We are looking for volunteers for the popular program to help recruit speakers, develop presentations, structure outreach efforts, coordinate efforts with partners and oversee finances. Contact Carolyn Gravit at Learn more about Our Courts at

*** Psst…Association members make more money, happier at work
A report recently revealed that professionals who belong to an association, on average, earn $10,000 more per year. Members are 19 percent more likely to be “very satisfied” at work. The report concludes that professional success increases the likelihood of joining an association, which can be a conduit between senior executives and ambitious young members. Check out the report here. If you have not already done so, here are two more reasons to renew your membership. 

*** Inclusion: How to loosen barriers to legal diversity
Sign up for any of the three sessions this month, July 7, 23 and 29, to explore the cutting edge of diversity in the legal community in Colorado. The Diversity in the Legal Profession Committee is sponsoring the workshops in partnership with the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence. CLE credit available; lunch included. Don’t miss these interesting, interactive courses, designed specifically for you. Click here:

*** Still too stressed to read this?
Check out this insightful link to the article “Stress Avoidance and Stress Control For Lawyers: A Checklist,” on Mr. Foonberg’s Web site! 
*** Microsoft Word 2007 for the Law Office
This seminar provides effective techniques for creating standard and complex legal documents in the demanding law office environment. After attending this CBA-CLE program, July 25, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. you will be a master of this essential practice tool. Register online: Microsoft Word 2007 for the Law Office.

*** Colorado Rules of Evidence Annotated, 2007 Edition
Formerly published by Colorado Legal Publishing, Inc., this book is a portable, convenient, in-court reference source and a handy desk reference. Now in a new soft-bound format! Order online. For information, call (303) 860-0608, toll-free (888) 860-2531 or visit

*** Tip of the Week
Free Downloadable, Revisable Templates
A little-known area of Microsoft's website has free downloadable templates of forms, brochures, a loan amortization schedule (with built-in formulas), budgets (also with formulas built in) fax cover sheets, planners, calendars, and more for a variety of business and personal uses. Developers design and build the templates and make them available on Microsoft’s website for free.

Why bother using them? They look very professional, contain sophisticated graphics and cool fonts. The best part? They can be saved as a template to your own PC so you can fill them out on your own. Additionally, the text on the forms can be revised to suit your particular situation. This means you can choose a layout you like, and then change the text to suit yourself. 
Check it out, by clicking here. You can then browse by type of form. Be sure to spend some time looking over the categories.  Some forms are listed under categories that you might not guess.

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