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December 12, 2007

CBA Criminal Sentencing Project Meeting Minutes from DECEMBER 12, 2007

I.       Attendees:

Mike Krause, Independence Institute
Sean McAllister, solo practitioner
Charles Nadler, Criminal Defense Attorney
Brian Vicente, Committee organizer
Ken Tomlinson, Probation
Don Quick,  DA Adams
Sara Steen, Prof. CU
Robin Caffasso, DA El Paso


 II.      Summary of Voting on Reform Recommendations


Majority Recommendations:

1. Reduce recidivism of parolees. 

2. Increase Options and Funding for Substance Abuse Treatment. 

3. Expand Drug Courts and Create Statewide Standards 

4. Expand Preventative Programs focused on youth 

5. Evaluate the high failure rate of probationers and parolees. 

6.  Driver’s Licenses Revocation 

7.  Reduce the Penalty for Small Scale/Personal Marijuana Cultivation


Further Study:

1.  Reconsidering the Sentencing Structure for Drugs Crimes 

2.  Lower the crime classification for use/possession of drugs. 


Group Comments:

Caffasso:  Supports raising “possession” limit to 5 grams and setting this as an F6 since most possession in this range is for personal (non-distribution) use.  This could provide significant savings for prisons.  We should try to calculate this number.


Quick:  Focus on securing resources for re-entry

Caffasso:  From 2001-07, C-springs drug court had 9% recidivism if people graduate.


III.     Next steps for Recommendations


Shepard:   Approach CPC, CCDB, I.I., Bar

Quick:  Approach Sentencing Commission- give to Michael Goodbee.  Our group should focus on getting numbers such as who is in jail and why, recidivism.  We should have Judge Plotz give our recs to Pete Weir.

Steen:  Will approach CU Prof. Dell Elliot to see about speaking to our group regarding definition of “evidence-based”

Nadler:   Get other professional organizations on board

Vicente:  Will talk to Turner regarding outreach to medical groups, etc.


IV.  Next meeting January 16, 2008


V.      Adjourn