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If you are a Victim

You are not alone. Look around you, in your workplace and in your social circle. It is likely that at least one person in these groups is in a situation similar to yours. In the United States this year, one in five women will be abused by her partner; one in fourteen men will be abused by his partner.

Being in an abusive relationship -- and surviving -- requires considerable skill and resourcefulness. Any time you do or say something as a way to protect yourself and your children, you are assessing risk and enacting a safety plan.

Through this site we hope to show you that you are not alone -- there are many people and organizations ready and willing to help you find safety and live violence free.

Check Community Resources for domestic violence service providers in your community -- also state and national organizations that can help, such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline 800/799-SAFE.


Talk To Your Employer
Create Safety Plans 
If You Need to Take Time Off from Work 
If You Decide to Leave Your Job
If You Are an Immigrant Woman