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September 2, 1998

The Disability Law Forum Committee met in the CBA offices. Present were: Ellen Buckley, James Dean, Claire Williamson, Michael Breeskin, Kevin Williams, Dan Taubman and Joe de Raismes.

1. Convention Program Update

Our program is scheduled for Saturday, September 12 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Randy Chapman from The Legal Center will discuss Reauthorization of the IDEA, Ellen Buckley and Kevin Williams will discuss Recent US Supreme Court Decisions Concerning the ADA, Scott LaBarre and Judge Morris Hoffman will present on Accommodating Jurors with Disabilitites, and David Sanderson will give a presentation on Recent Developments in Fair Housing Litigation. Claire Williamson has graciously offered to introduce the speakers at the program. Kevin will ask Julie Peterson to send a reminder to the committee members about the convention.

2. Ideas for this year's committee meetings

Dan Taubman suggested we invite someone from Holland & Hart to speak about the pro bono cases they have done representing disabled chidren who had lost their SSI benefits. Ellen will call about this.

The committee will present at least one brown-bag CLE program. Depending on how many committee members attend the convention program, David Sanderson and Lynn Grosso may be asked to speak on their recent successful Fair Housing case in Boulder County.

Legislation tracking - The committee will continue to track legislation, propose amendments and make recommendations to the CBA regarding bills the committee feels should be endorsed or opposed by the CBA. Lobbyists for the Mental Health Association and DHS and Michael Valdez will be invited to attend our meetings beginning in December. Kevin will put a link on our web site to the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition's web site which will have information on bills of interest. Our web site will include the committee's position on bills. Also, the General Assembly has a web site where bills can be viewed. The address is Joe de Raismes suggested someone summarize the bills we will be discussing so members don't need to read every line of the bills. After Joe left, the committee voted that Joe should do the summarizing. Getting the bills to members a week before the meeting was discussed, as well as various ways to accomplish this. To save on postage costs, short bills may be faxed to members who attend the meetings, otherwise they will be mailed.

3. Meeting Times

Those present decided to continue meeting on the first Wednesday of the month at noon.

4. The Colorado Lawyer Column

The committee needs to submit two articles per year for our column. Anyone with suggestions for possible article topics or authors should contact Dan Taubman, the column editor, at 303-837-3719. Articles should be no more than ten pages, double-spaced, and of practical use to practitioners. Judge Taubman is willing to remain as editor, but if anyone has always dreamed of being the Disability Law Forum Committee's column editor, let him know and he would be happy to relinquish the job.

Submitted by Ellen Buckley, Co-chair