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April 7, 1999

1. HB 1090 - Restraint bill - Passed and is on its way to the governor for action.

2. Minutes for March were approved with an amendment changing HB 1160 to 1116 in section 4, paragraph four. The minute-taker gave herself a stern talking-to for this error.

3. Mike Serruti brought an article in today's Denver Post to the committee's attention. On April 6th, the State Patrol at the capitol locked both wheelchair accessible entrances in anticipation of a protest by the disability rights group ADAPT. After discussion, the committee voted (with Dan Taubman abstaining) to ask the CBA Executive Council to condemn the State Patrol's action and come out in favor of full access to the capitol building by the public and in favor of imposing any existing restrictions on access equally. Michael Valdez kindly agreed to investigate whether there are any existing rules or regulations regarding access. Kevin Williams will check on the facts of the incident and attempt to get on the Executive Council's April 22 agenda to present the committee's request.

4. May meeting ideas - Michael Breeskin will let the co-chairs know if he is available to give a one hour CLE on the new IDEA regulations. If he is not available, another individual will be asked. If a speaker is unavailable to give a formal presentation, we may just have an informal discussion about the regulations. Another suggestion was to discuss the upcoming US Supreme Court disability cases.

5. Bar Convention - Our topic will be the US Supreme Court disability cases that will be decided this summer. We will seek either defense and plaintiff's counsel on one of the cases or perhaps a speaker with a viewpoint on more than one case. The Mountain States Employers Council and the CBA Labor Law Forum were suggested as possible sources for speakers.

6. New co-chair - Last year the committee decided to have two co-chairs, one of whom would resign after a year so a new person could take their place, thus providing continuity to the committee. Ellen will be stepping down after the June meeting so now is the time for anyone interested to speak up. Call Ellen or Kevin if you would like more information on this fun-filled position. If no one expresses an interest, your absence at the May meeting means you will be a top candidate for the position.

7. Committee-sponsored CLE - Members agreed this was a good idea and felt a half-day program would be better attended. A possible topic would be to expand on the Supreme Court cases because employment law is a hot topic. The committee will possibly co-sponsor this with the Plaintiffs Employment Lawyers Association to avoid overlapping programs.

8. Jim Carr will contact Susan Barber at DU Law regarding an upcoming conference on ADR/Disability and Elder Law to see if the committee might get involved.

Submitted by:
Ellen Buckley, Co-chair