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November 3, 1999

The Disability Law Forum Committee met on September 1, 1999 in the CBA offices. Present were: Michael Breeskin, Ellen Buckley, Mark Ivandick, Melanie Segal, Mike Serroto, Dan Taubman, Kevin Williams and Claire Williamson.

The Disability Law Forum Committee met in the CBA offices. Present were: James S. Armstrong, Jr., Wendy Band, Michael Breeskin, Jim Carr, James Dean, Joel Hayes, Mark Ivandick, Melanie Segal, Kevin Williams and Claire Williamson.

  1. The October minutes were approved.(Note that #5 "about our committee's input should be changed to "input.")
  2. Today's topic: Disability Law on the Internet; One CLE credit; The sites that were discussed today can be accessed from CCDC at Furthermore, if anyone would like copies of the sites that were presented at this CLE, please contact Kevin Williams at or call Melanie Segal at (303) 410-9897.
  3. All members please identify any additional sites/links that may be useful so that they can be added to the list.
  4. Additional sites that were not written on any of the CLE material:\desarset.htm: this site is for Neighborhood Legal Services and is helpful for durable Medicaid; this is a site mandated through IDEA

  5. The Legal Center is now on-line and can be accessed at
  6. Friendly reminder: It is difficult to search the CFR without having numbers and for specific medical questions, try CU Health Services or Medical Link.
  7. James Dean presented the 1999 Final Legislative Report and reduction factors for calculating Medicaid eligibility under the Pickle Amendment during Y2K.
  8. Terri Fowler is interested in doing an ethics CLE regarding diminished capacity.
  9. CBA memos regarding same sex task-force chairs and notice of application to file Amicus Brief in the case of Grynberg v. Agri Tech, Inc. regarding the "economic loss rule" pursuant to which a party is limited to contractual remedies even where a separate duty of care may exist.
  10. The next meeting is December 1, 1999. The topic is upcoming disability-related legislation. Julie Reiskin along with other state agency representatives will be discussing upcoming legislation, their predictions, and the issues which we need to be in tune to.

Submitted by:
Melanie Segal, Co-chair