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April 5, 2000

The Disability Law Forum Committee met in the CBA offices. Present were: Michael Breeskin, Ellen Buckley, Charlie Masner, Jennifer Millington, Melanie Segal and Mike Serruto.

  1. Minutes from the last meeting were approved.
  2. The focus of today's meeting is Senate Bill 1042:

    Federal statute has created the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Planning Council CDDPC) which has existed for many years. Because of the current governor, there is a concern that this council will be done away with. Thus, this bill has been created to establish the council in statute and to gain reimbursement for expenses.

    The deaf community opposed codification to this bill because of their differing interests and they did not want the council to speak for them, thus the have been placated with Senate Bill 194.

    The CDDPC has a problem with SB1042 because they feel like they are already in existence to be doing exactly what this bill is proposing to do and that this bill will confuse the priority if the council. They want the bill amended, except for developmentally disabled persons who are already covered by statute.

    Senator Sullivant says he will support the bill, as amended. CDDPC will oppose the bill if it is not amended. Last meeting, this committee decided to seek bar support for this bill but has since learned of this problem that the planning council is having. ARC's are supporting this bill as amended. Because there was at this time no consensus, Kevin did not go forward with seeking CBA endorsement.

    The funds for this bill come form a $1 voluntary donation from placard for parking and $200 million from public utilities commission. There is supposedly enough funding for both 194 and 42.

    The policy analyst at CDDPC is afraid that legal services will look for duplicative functions and eliminate one of them.

    This committee decided today that we will seek bar endorsement for this bill and wait it out. Our ultimate objective is to support the codification of the council. Once or if it is amended, then Kevin will have the power to go forward with our support of this bill.

    There was discussion of 1313; This bill has been amended in a way that raises some concern. The bill deals with assistance in polling. CCDC is tracking this bill because it is concerned about empowering a class of people authorized to make decisions on behalf of individuals with disabilities, the opportunity for imposition is very likely to arise. The class authorized is: election judges, family(if in family-not required to fill out forms), and as written now, it pretty much allows anybody. This bill has passed the Senate and is now on 3rd reading. There must be a conference committee at this point, and the bill has a fiscal note attached.

    There was discussion of 1120: This bill is too broad for persons with cognitive disabilities and too intrusive for people with other disabilities. Must have substantial amendments before this committee will take a position.

Submitted by Melanie Segal: Co-chair