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November 17, 2009

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention
Meeting Minutes


Information sharing and updates

National Link Conference in Denver – Phil Tedeschi reported that American Humane is in planning stage for this conference and intends to focus on sharing of information among various Link coalitions, including CACP.

Co-Chair for CACP

Marie McCabe

Review of Vision, Mission, Goals and Accomplishments

Vision: Humans and animals live together in a violence-free environment.

Mission: To establish a coalition of stakeholders that provides interdisciplinary leadership and methods in the prevention, intervention and treatment of human and animal cruelty in Colorado.


1. Clearinghouse for data, resource, and materials
2. Become self-supporting
3. Enlist specialized partners
4. Create public awareness about CACP, the LINK, solutions, etc.)
5. Institutionalize LINK concepts and resources in all professions dealing with humans and/or animals
6. Needs assessment
7. Legal Advocacy

Subcommittees and Projects:


• DU Project

  • Needs Assessment/ Research: Jim Pyle wants to meet with individual subcommittees.
  • DU needs surveying assessment, animal, lawenforcment, and child protection survey.
  • Host animal behavior training at DU.
  • American human conference in Denver Jan 2010.

• Veterinary Practice:

  • This subcommittee has just held its first meeting and is still formulating its initial projects.
  • Reach out to veterinary healthcare team about the link and mandatory reporting make veterinarians aware of changing legal circumstances in the profession.
  • Current educational programs for link awareness and training.
  • Need more training for veterinarians across the state.
  • Standard educational program at CSU.
  • Standard educational programs for CO technician students.
  • Safe Haven sheltering.
  • Animal law & changing legal status.

• Criminal Justice Response:

Kay Dahlinger reported that the committee met.  They are still exploring who should participate and are formulating its initial projects.

  • Victim Advocate in training process.
  • Subcommittee meting 12/15/2009, at CBA

•  Legal Issues

Protection Order Revision: Kath Schoen reported that the committee is exploring partners in revising the protection order statute, including the Colorado Coalition against Domestic Violence.

  • Civil protection order, Victim safety stands point. 
  • Legal Issue collative against DV is going forward with legislation include animal protection. The subcommittee will send the draft when is ready.    

•  Funding:

Kevin Morris reported that the committee had met.  They are exploring funding opportunities.  They are also developing language that can be inserted into standard funding application, used by many foundations.

  • They will fund a serious project if propose one.
  • Department of Human Services: Jan Mickish reported her committee had met twice.  She developed an overview of a needs assessment and a logic model for the committee.   (See attachments – Minutes and Logic Model)\
  • Propose webpage training for child protects service now including animal abuse.
  • Jan working with lisle Wilmot on including animal abuse to include child protect service provision in the training.
  • Barbra Raidell national director of catholic and poscapie resurce management about including animal abuse in their training.
  • Disclaim about including elder protection service and other service provide for the elderly.


January 19, 2010
Full CACP meeting
Colorado Bar Association