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September 23, 2010

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Sept. 23, 2010
“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
~ Galileo Galilei
In this issue…
  • Annual Performance Evaluations of Magistrates and Referees
  • Class Arbitration CLE, Sept. 27
  • Seeking Nominations for the Gary McPherson Award
  • CBA Opposes Amendment 62
  • CBA's New Online Ads
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Law Update, Oct. 14
  • Red Rock Scramble, Oct. 3
  • Support Colorado Legal Aid Foundation and the Colorado Bar Association Leadership Training
  • Drones and Their Implication for International Law, Nov. 6
  • Tip of the Week by Reba Nance
Annual CLE Conferences
The Learned Lawyer

Attend a CLE this Month

Annual Performance Evaluations of Magistrates and Referees
The Judicial Department is conducting the annual performance evaluation of Magistrates and Referees Sept. 27–Oct. 21. An estimated 300 attorneys will receive a survey to provide input on approximately 50 Magistrates and Water Referees. The evaluation is conducted by Judicial Department staff. If you receive a survey, your feedback is critical in order to provide valuable feedback to Magistrates and Water Referees. Comments and scores are shared with the subject of the survey and the Chief Judge of the Judicial District, but names will not be associated with the feedback. Comment on the performance of the Magistrates and Referees can be provided to the Chief Judge at any time. If an attorney does not receive a survey but believes he or she has relevant feedback to provide, they can provide information to the Chief Judge or District Administrator to be considered in the review process. E-mail Mindy Masias with any questions or concerns.
Seeking Nominations for the Gary McPherson Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
The CBA Young Lawyers Division is looking for nominations for the 2010 Gary McPherson Award for Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year. Each year the YLD selects one lawyer to receive special recognition and a small award at the YLD Executive Council's December holiday dinner. Eligible persons are those who are members in good standing of the CBA, and who are 37 years or younger or who have been practicing law less than three years. Nominees should have an outstanding record of professional success, community service achievements, and a strong commitment to civic participation and inspiring others, whether within the legal profession or elsewhere. Nominations should be e-mailed to Becky Bye before Oct. 22.

CBA's New Online Ads

The CBA has recently redesigned their Classified and Employment listings section of the website. Because of the long lead time with printing ads in The Colorado Lawyer, we decided to no longer print them. We offer only online versions now. Post an online employment or classified ad here, Look for the new “Employment and Classified Ads” link on our homepage (left-side navigation). The form is straightforward and can be quickly filled out—the link to the form is at the top of the Employment and Classified Ads homepage. A basic, 30-day ad for CBA Members is $75 and $100 for non-members.
Included in this price:
  • Your job listing is submitted to our “Employment List” with over 1000 subscribers.
  • Using the “Blind Box” option if you prefer to keep you contact info confidential (your info will not display on the website ad if this option is selected)
Add a bit more punch to your listing by adding a border for an additional $40.

Questions? Contact Alexa Drago at
Red Rock Scramble, Oct. 3
The Seventh Annual Red Rock Scramble on Oct. 3 at 10 a.m. is a 5K and 5 M run in Lyons. The races benefit the Colorado Indian Bar Association, providing funding for scholarships to Native American Law Students studying law in Colorado. For more information, click here.
Class Arbitration: One of the Most Hotly Contested Legal Issues of the Decade, Sept. 27
Here the latest updates on issues arising out of class action arbitrations and the enforceability of contractual “class action arbitration waivers.” Speaker Dirk W. de Roos, Esq. of Faegre & Benson, has litigated nationally on insurance coverage issues and in claims handling disputes. Attend Legal Trends and Best Practices in Class Arbitration: Stolt-Nielsen S.A. v. AnimalFeeds Int'l Corp.
Colorado Bar Association joins the Colorado Women's Bar Association in opposing Amendment 62
On Tuesday, the Colorado Bar Association joined the Colorado Women's Bar Association in opposing Amendment 62, the “personhood” amendment which would define a “person” and extend legal rights “to every human being from the beginning of biological development of that human being.”

The CBA is opposed to the amendment solely based on the ramifications the amendment would have on the interpretation and application of Colorado statutes, ordinances, regulations and case law where the term “person” is used. For more, read our press release or watch CBA representative Andy Toft deliver our public statement at the press conference.
Natural Resources and Environmental Law Update, Oct. 14
Complete updates on: EPA and What's New in the World of the EIS; “New” (and Old) Energy Policies on Public Lands; Wilderness Issues—Litigation, Leasing; Management and Regulations; The Endangered Species Act and Wildlife Issues in the West; Climate Issues and Post-Climategate Perspectives; Hazardous Chemical Litigation, Regulation, Management and Response.
In Need of a Process Server? You can help Colorado Legal Aid Foundation and COBALT!

Giveback Service of Process LLC is Donating Profits to COBALT until Sept. 30. If you, your firm, or any referrals utilize Giveback for their service of process needs, 30 percent of profits will go directly to COBALT, in addition to the 20 percent that already goes to the Colorado Legal Aid Foundation. If it works well we may do this every year, so help us set a strong precedent for COBALT's future. Support COBALT and the Colorado Legal Aid Foundation. Contact Giveback Today for your Service of Process Needs! Click here for more information.

Drones and Their Implication for International Law

This conference is designed for newcomers to the laws of armed conflict and international humantarian law. It will raise some of the most provocative and headline grabbing questions of our times, as well as featuring nationally renowned experts on this cutting edge issue. Please join us for this exciting event sponsored by the Nanda Center for International Law and the International Law Society at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. Program will begin at 9 a.m. Cost for the Colloquium is $90 and an additional $10 for lunch. A continental breakfast and the reception following the event are included in the program fee. Click here to register.

Tip of the Week from Reba Nance
Keeping track of requests in a folder called @Waiting For

This is one of my all-time favorite tips. We often use e-mail to request something from someone, or to tell someone that we will do something for them. By using the tip below, you won't have to worry ever again about forgetting to remind them if they don't respond. This tip will save an additional copy of your e-mail in a special folder called @Waiting For. That way, you can check that folder every so often to make sure the person got back to you. If they haven't, you simply go to @Waiting For, open the e-mail, click on Forward, and send it back to them as a new e-mail. You can say something like—“I know you're swamped, but I'm checking in to see if you've had a chance to [whatever you originally asked them to do]?” That way, they get a reminder which includes the original e-mail (text, date, etc.)! Because the new e-mail already had “wff” in it, a copy will automatically be put into @Waiting For again and you will have a record of what you asked for and your follow-up efforts to get it.

  1. Create a new folder in your Inbox called @Waiting For (by putting the @ symbol in front, it will appear at the top of the list of folders
  2. Click on Tools > Rules and Alerts
  3. Click the New Rule button
  4. At the top of the next box, select “Start from a blank rule”
  5. Highlight “Check messages after sending”, then click Next
  6. Check off “With specific words in the body”. Then click on “where specific words is underlined” and choose a unique
  7. keyword for your rule, such as *wff* (for “waiting for folder”) Click Add, then OK, then Next
  8. Check off “Move a copy to the specified folder.” Then click on the “where specific Folder is underlined” and choose the @Waiting For folder
  9. Click Finish

The next time you send an e-mail that you might have to follow up on, type wff as the last line of the e-mail, and this tip will automatically work for you!

Feel free to email me at with questions.

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