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Next Business Meeting Friday April 4, 2003


The next business meeting of the ADR Committee is scheduled for Friday April 4, 2003 at noon. Any and all interested persons are welcome to attend this meeting. Upcoming meetings continue to be held at noon on the first Friday of each month. Mark the dates of the next meetings on your calendar – May 2 and June 6.


Next Topical Luncheon – April 9, 2003 - Commercial Litigation and Early ADR - Don’t Miss This One!

At the next Topical Luncheon, Roger C. Adams, Esq. and
Dr. Susan Cook will analyze current research regarding early ADR in civil litigation. They will challenge some myths regarding ADR and announce a surprising new program designed to initiate early settlement discussion in commercial disputes. The Topical Luncheon will be held on Wednesday, April 9, 2003 from noon until 1:30 p.m. One CLE Credit has been applied for.


Topical Luncheons are held at the CBA CLE Offices at 1900 Grant Street, 3rd Floor, from noon to 1:30 p.m. The cost, which includes a box lunch, is $12.00 for members of the ADR Committee and $15.00 for all others. You may attend at no cost, if you do not want a lunch. To RSVP, please call Tessa Khan at (303) 860-1115 ( One CLE credit is available for each program. To become a speaker or to suggest topics for topical luncheons, contact Katy Miller at Miller and Steiert, PC (303) 798-2525, or call (303) 860-1115.  A light breakfast will be served compliments of the ADR and Health Law Sections.  This should be an engaging and useful hour. Please do join


The position of ADR Newsletter Editor is open. Do you like to write? Contact Merrill Shields with questions.


CAMP Status Report


The Court-Annexed Mediation Program, previously known as the Volunteer Court Mediation Project held a training/ orientation meeting on March 26 at noon at the CBA offices. About 20 mediators attended. The new and improved program will soon begin assessing nominal fees on cases in which the amount in dispute is in excess of $2500 in the Denver County Court and Small Claims Court and will also begin offering pre-trial mediation services as well as the traditional day- of-trial mediation that it has provided for the last two years.


These new aspects of the program were announced by Chief Judge Raymond Satter at a CLE Conference on New Developments in Civil Litigation on March 7, 2003. If you are interested in joining with other experienced and professional mediators in providing mediation to civil litigants, contact Patrick Kenney at CAMP mediators must have mediation experience and 40 hours of mediation training.


Jonathan Boonin and Jim Stone

, co-editors of The Colorado Lawyer ADR Column remind you that they are accepting suitable articles for publication in The Colorado Lawyer and invite you to submit your work for publication. For information, or to submit an article, contact Jonathan or Jim.

Legislative Committee


Bill Baum

will carry on as Chair of the Legislative Sub-Committee and will become the Chair of the ADR Committee in July.


Topical Luncheon Committee


Katy Miller,

Chair of the Topical Luncheon Committee has reported on the committee’s activities. The committee held a topical luncheon every month from September through May of this year. It will not have any meetings during the summer months. Under Katy’s leadership the committee expanded the distribution of its mailings this year, by placing notices of all luncheons in the CCMO newsletter.
This provides ADR professionals, both lawyers and non-lawyers with notice of the luncheons. As a result, we have had several meetings with mediators of many diverse backgrounds.

Notices of the luncheons are also sent to the law students at DU, and have to groups of lawyers outside of the ADR community.  The committee has been quite successful, having a turnout at the lunches of 25-40 people each month.


Industry Focus Employment



Kent Enwright

, the new Chair of Employment Sub-Committee announced that he is working on a revision of the CBA ADR Forum Committee Manual for ADR Techniques in Employment Disputes.


Industry Focus Health Care Sub-Committee - April 2, 2003 meeting with Health Law Section


Arrangements have been made for a joint meeting of the ADR and the Health Law Sections of the Colorado Bar Association, at 7:30 the morning of Wednesday, April 2, at the Bar Association Offices, 1900 Grant Street, 9th floor Executive Conference Room.  The meeting will be facilitated by Ed Dauer, Chair of the ADR Section's Healthcare Disputes Committee and Linda Siderius, Chair of the Association's Health Law Section.  It will be an informal get-together, during which we hope to exchange views on what's new in ADR and what's happening by way of conflicts and disputes in health care from which longer-range projects and discussions may emerge.  If you ca participate, please respond to Tessa Khan at the CBA,


Committees, Activities, and Programs to Join


Are you looking for a way to become more involved? The Nominating Committee is currently looking accepting names of future Secretary of the Committee and President Elect. The following sub-committees are available for you to join. Please contact the chair of any sub-committee if you would like to participate.


Bar Institute Sub-committee –

Chair, William J. Baum, 303-316-1523, Fax 303-316-1525,


The Colorado Lawyer ADR Column

– Co-chair, Jonathon Boonin, (303) 413-1111,; Co-chair Jim Stone, 303-534-1254,


Education/Topical Lunch


Industry Focus Employment


Industry Focus Health Care



–Chair, William J. Baum, 303-316-1523, Fax 303-316-1525,
– Chair Ed Dauer (303) 871-6278 Fax (303) 871-6001,
– Kent Enwright (303) 839-5177
– Chair, Kathryn E. Miller, Esq. Miller and Steiert, PC (303) 798-2525


Newsletter Editor Pro Tem

Patrick Kenney, 303-757-5000, Fax (303) 850-7168,


Government ADR Task Force

– Chair, Jim Carr, 303-866-5283,


Long Range Planning

– Chair, Susan Demidovich 303-695-0653, ext.111, Fax 303-695-6795,


Court-Annexed Mediation Program

CBA ADR Forum Committee Executive Council

CBA Chair

– Merrill Shields, 303-436-1930, Fax (303) 322-2288,
– Patrick Kenney, Executive Director (303) 757-5000,

CBA Chair-Elect


– Eugene Osman, (303) 526-9279,
– William J. Baum, Jr. (970) 726-1523, Fax (970) 726-1525,

DBA Chair

– Miles Davies (303)-796-0447,