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Casemaker Updates Nov. 2010

Casemaker Digest

  • Newly released cases (within 24 hours), with summaries, from the State Appellate and Federal Circuit courts.
  • Cases can be selected by practice area, courts, Judges or relevant concepts allowing the attorney to filter reported cases to best fit their specific interests.
  • The cases have been summarized with short descriptive headers to facilitate an easy quick review.
  • The cases are linked into the state’s Casemaker library for the full case review with all of the robust Casemaker functions… such as our citator,(CaseCheck), treatises discovery tool (CaseKnowledge), etc…
  • Receive notice to your mobile device or PC of the newest cases… by your saved search parameters/filters via RSS feeds. Have as many RRS feeds as you would like.
  • “Digest” tab is located on the Casemaker state library page in the blue navigation bar
  • Subscription based or available for the bar to purchase to supply to their members.
  • Keep the competitive advantage by always being informed as to the latest case activity in your specialty area of practice.

CaseCheck and CaseCheck+™

  • CaseCheck: Identifies cases that have been cited
  • CaseCheck+™:  Is the newest Iconic citator that advises whether your case is good law?
    • Low cost high value alternative to Shepards and Key-Cites
    • Subscription product
      • FREE 14-day Trial
      • Monthly ($19.95 per month – unlimited)
      • Yearly ($199.95 per year – unlimited)
      • Daily ($4.95 per login basis – unlimited per login)
      • ALERT Banner at the top of a case ALERTING to a case’s treatment… negative RED; positive GREEN
  • CaseCheck+™appears to the right of your case showing additional cases that been cited by jurisdiction including:
    • CaseCheck+will appear for negative treated cases for your state, applicable federal circuit, and other states as they become available
    • CaseCheck™(currently not,  CaseCheck+) results will be from ALL jurisdictions 50 states, DC, and all Federal, including District, Circuit, Bankruptcy, and USSC).  
  • CaseCheck+™  results that appear to the right column of the opinion, will show the jurisdiction, along with the number of results from that jurisdiction. A red (+) beside the jurisdiction indicates a case with a negative treatment is included.
  • Click on the jurisdiction to review the case, separated by CaseCheck+™  cases first, followed by CaseCheck cases.
  • Click on a specific CaseCheck and CaseCheck+ results (within the pop-up window), you will be taken directly to that portion of the future case where your case is cited