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April 7

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April 7, 2011
“If we do not lay out ourselves in the service of mankind, whom should we serve?”
~ John Adams
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In this issue…
  • Contact Your Member of Congress About Proposed Cuts to Legal Aid
  • John and Abigail Adams, Law Day Legacy of Partnership CLE
  • Unbundling the Mystery of Alternative Fee Structures
  • Use or Abuse? Diagnosing Dependency
  • Malpractice Insurance Coverage: What’s In Your Policy?
  • Point/Counterpoint Topics and Authors Wanted
  • 43rd Annual Rocky Mountain Securities Conference
  • Complimentary Casemaker Seminars
  • Donate Trees for Fourmile Canyon Watershed
  • Lending Library Update
  • Optimize Your CBA Membership with the Legal Community Credit Union and Geico Insurance
  • Mac Tip of the Week from Leonard I. Frieling
  • Blog of the Week from Alli Gerkman
Contact Your Member of Congress About Proposed Cuts to Legal Aid
If you care about access to justice and the integrity of our legal system, you may want to contact your elected representatives in Washington and let them know.
Unbundling the Mystery of Alternative Fee Structures, April 11
Lawyers everywhere are talking about alternative fee structures, but how do you come up with a fee arrangement that serves your clients and keeps you in business? Attend this one-hour CLE program presented by David Graf.
Malpractice Insurance Coverage: What’s In Your Policy? April 15
Few insureds read their insurance policy until the day they need it—don't wait until you face a legal malpractice problem to learn what your policy covers. Each program attendee will receive a copy of Lawyers’ Professional Liability in Colorado: Preventing Legal Malpractice & Disciplinary Actions. Find out more.
43rd Annual Rocky Mountain Securities Conference, May 6
Dodd–Frank created the most dramatic changes in the regulatory environment in decades and these regulations are still being enacted weekly. This conference is an opportunity to hear from leading national and local industry and regulatory authorities about the developments affecting business law practitioners. Click here for more information.
Donate to the ABA Million Tree Project—Trees for Fourmile Canyon Watershed
The ABA has launched a project to have lawyers plant a million trees by 2014. A group of lawyers in Colorado have undertaken to assist in an effort to replant trees in the Fourmile Canyon area outside Boulder that burned last September. The Boulder County Bar Association is coordinating donations and volunteers to plant the trees on April 23. Call the BCBA at 303-440-4758 to participate and click here to donate online.
Optimize Your CBA Membership
Legal Community Credit Union of Colorado
All members of the Credit Union are encouraged to join us for the Annual Membership Meeting and Elections on May 18. Please call the Credit Union to RSVP 303-860-1117. Visit us at
Geico Insurance Discounts
Geico Insurance offers high-quality and trusted auto insurance. CBA Members can receive up to an eight percent discount depending on eligibility! Click here or call 800-368-2734 for a quote.
John and Abigail Adams, Law Day Legacy of Partnership CLE, April 18
Join Colorado Supreme Court Justices Nancy Rice and Greg Hobbs as they read the letters between John and Abigail Smith Adams from 1762 to 1776. Proceeds from this program benefit the Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado.
Use or Abuse?
Diagnosing Dependency
Dependence on alcohol or other drugs is a widespread problem. Many times, people don’t recognize it. Chemical dependency is simply the inability to control the use of some physical substance— not being able to quit and not being able to limit how much is used. If you have a dependency problem, recognizing it can help you move toward a happier and healthier life. Read more

For further information about confidential assistance for lawyers, click here.
Point/Counterpoint Topics and Authors Wanted
The Colorado Lawyer seeks topics and authors for the “Point/Counterpoint” Department of articles. Contact Coordinating Editor Fred Burtzos with your topic idea. Writing guidelines for Department articles are available here.
Complimentary Casemaker Seminars, April 18 and May 27
Reba Nance will offer a one-hour Casemaker seminar at 9 a.m. on April 18 and May 27 in the Large Classroom at the CBA CLE offices, 1900 Grant St., Suite 300. The training will include searching for cases, federal and state libraries, statutes, and more. One CLE credit is offered for those who attend. A webcast also is available. RSVP to Lauren Eisenbach.
Lending Library Update
CBA’s Lending Library Web page now includes a table of contents of most titles. Click here to find your subject and thumb through the contents without ever having to leave your office. Contact Lauren Eisenbach for any questions regarding the library and its contents.
Mac Tip of the Week from Leonard I. Frieling
Pasted AND Attached
We all use copy/paste a lot. When drafting pleadings, we find ourselves copying a case excerpt (by highlighting it first, then command-c to copy) to copy the selected portion of the case to an invisible “clipboard”. Then, we want to paste it into the document we're writing. First, in the document we're creating, place the cursor where we want to paste. Nothing new so far. Instead of just the normal command-v paste, in Word, under edit, select “paste special”. Under that, you'll have the option to “paste without formatting”. That will result in your paste matching the style (typeface, etc.) of the document you are writing. It avoids a lot a messy cleanup later.

Feel free to contact Leonard I. Frieling with questions.
Blog of the Week from Alli Gerkman
Blog of the Week: Legal Profession Blog—Member of the Law Professor Blogs Network
In the practice of law, every day presents you with the kind of challenges that remind you to practice with integrity and abide by the rules of professionalism. But every now and then, a lawyer forgets. This blog surveys and highlights notable professionalism issues that crop up around the country. Recent posts have talked about a family law judge who drove a defendant around to discuss personal issues, including defendant's drug use; a lawyer who failed to disclose his criminal record on his application form; and, from Colorado, a lawyer who failed to disclose that he was under an order to pay child support.

If you have any questions, contact Alli Gerkman.
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