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July 7

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July 7, 2011 “Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.”
~ William Butler Yeats
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In this issue…
  • CU Dean David Getches has Passed Away
  • From the Courts
  • CBA Appellate Pro Bono Program in the News
  • What You See—Can Increase Your Revenue 
  • COBALT Class Graduates
  • Selecting Your Jury and Handling Your Voir Dire
  • Blogs and Beers
  • Legal Aid Fundraiser with Alec Baldwin
  • A “Revolution” at the 2011 Family Law Institute
  • How to Increase Productivity and Work/Life Balance
  • A Six-Minute Survey for Baby Boomers
  • CLE: Evaluating Appellate Judges
  • Write a Point/Counterpoint article for The Colorado Lawyer
  • 2011 Colorado Legal Directory “Fire Sale”
  • Does Personal Branding Ruin Integrity?
  • Optimize Your CBA Membership
  • Mac Tip of the Week from Tomasz Stasiuk
  • Tip of the Week from Reba Nance
CU Dean David Getches has Passed Away
We at the CBA were saddened by the news that David Getches, who had stepped down as the Dean of the University of Colorado Law School last week, died July 5. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and colleagues. Read more about Dean Getches here.
CBA Appellate Pro Bono Program in the News
The program, which provide pro bono assistance to litigants of civil matters in appellate courts, was featured in a recent Denver Post article. Read the article here.
COBALT Class Graduates
The 2011 COBALT class concluded its six-month program on June 24. For more about the 2011 class, click here. For more information about COBALT and the 2012 program, please contact Dana Collier Smith at
Blogs and Beers, Thursday, July 28
SOLO in COLO, the CBA blog for solo and small firm practitioners, will host a happy hour for those interested in or already blogging. The meetup will be held at Jonesy’s, located at 400 E. 20th Ave. in Denver, starting at 5:30 p.m. If you are interested in blogging for SOLO in COLO or would like to RSVP for the happy hour, please contact Sara Crocker at
The CBA Family Law Section is Starting a “Revolution” at the 2011 Family Law Institute, Aug. 12–14 in Breckenridge
You’ll be educated, entertained, and challenged to join the revolution for change. The Institute will focus on inspiring lawyers, judges, and experts to bring back respect and dignity to the legal processes related to family issues. Find out more about this incredible program!
A Six-Minute Survey for Baby Boomers
The CBA Elder Law Section is conducting a survey of Baby Boomers and their views on estate planning and aging for a presentation at the CBA Elder Law Retreat Program in August in Vail. The survey is intended to be taken only by those born between January 1, 1946 and December 31, 1964 who have a non-legal background. The results of the survey will be posted on our website in September. The survey can be found here. Please share with your friends and colleagues.
Have an opinion? Write a Point/Counterpoint article for The Colorado Lawyer
To volunteer to write—or to suggest a topic—contact coordinating editor Fred Burtzos at Writing guidelines for Department articles are available here.
Does Personal Branding Ruin Integrity?
A journalism student's project sparked a debate between those who see branding as an important career management strategy and those who think your work should speak for itself. Journalist Jennifer Gaie Hellum says the disagreement highlights some important lessons. Read more.
From the Courts
New Number for Douglas County Court
The main telephone number for the Douglas County Courthouse will change to 720-437-6200 effective Friday, July 15, at noon.
18th Judicial District Exhibits
Regarding CJD 11-01, e-filing of exhibits, the following has been added to the Domestic Relations CMOs in the 18th Judicial District: Parties are ordered to bring their exhibits to trial in an exhibit book format with appropriate copies for the court. The court will instruct the parties on when to e-file their exhibits to preserve the court record. For the new CMOs, click here.
What You See—Can Increase Your Revenue, Friday, July 8
Consultant and coach Ed Poll will answer the most common questions from attorneys, including: “How do I know how I’m doing, other than by looking at the bank account?” You’ll find out how to understand the flow of money through the law firm and the financial metrics that will answer that question. More important, you will learn answers to this question: “How can I improve these metrics?” Find out more!
Trial Skills Training Series: Selecting Your Jury and Handling Your Voir Dire, Aug. 3
One of the most critical aspects of trial is proper and effective jury selection. This program focuses on the challenges lawyers face when conducting jury selection in Colorado federal and state courts, and is presented by Snell and Wilmer attorneys Timothy O’Neill and Nathan K. Davis. Register now!
Legal Aid Fundraiser with Alec Baldwin, Aug. 11
Actor Alec Baldwin will headline a dinner and conversation about the family law system at 5:30 p.m. at the Marriott City Center Hotel in Denver. Baldwin wrote “A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce” following his public divorce and custody battle. The proceeds will benefit the Legal Aid Foundation. For more information or to RSVP, click here.
How to Increase Productivity and Work/Life Balance, Aug. 10
Increased productivity is the solution for legal professionals seeking personal satisfaction and professional achievement. Time management and workplace productivity expert Laura Stack will discuss practical ways to increase workplace efficiency, how to boost results and decrease the number of hours at work, and methods to create a win/win for clients and employees alike. One General CLE requested. Click here for more information and to register.
CLE: Evaluating Appellate Judges, Aug. 11-12
Join judges, journalists, activists, and noted scholars from across the country as they meet in Denver this summer to consider how best to evaluate appellate judges and share this information with the public. The conference, hosted by the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, includes six panels, plus a keynote presentation by the Honorable Mark Cady of the Iowa Supreme Court. Learn more and register here!
McGraw–Hill 2011 Colorado Legal Directory “Fire Sale”
Publisher McGraw–Hill has mailed flyers to law firms announcing the final chance to purchase the 2011 Colorado Legal Directory. To purchase the 2011 Directory, click here. Remember, the DBA is assuming production of the 2012 legal directory. Please contact Margaret Haywood at or 303-824-5316 with any questions about your listing in the 2012 directory.
Optimize Your CBA Membership: Casemaker App
Access Casemaker on the go via Once on the site, you will need to create a log in. This is completely free and only four steps. For more information, click here.
Mac Tip of the Week from Tomasz Stasiuk
Using a Bluetooth Headset with Google Voice and Skype
Skype and Google Voice are great ways to stay in touch. However, sometimes you don’t want to sound like you are talking on a speakerphone, nor do you want to deal with the headset wires. Why not go wireless with your VOIP? You probably already have a Bluetooth headset you use with your mobile phone that you are used to wearing.

Pairing a Bluetooth headset with a Mac:
1. Make sure your headset is in pairing mode. This process is different for each headset.
2. Go to System Preferences and select the Bluetooth icon.
3. Make sure the Bluetooth on your Mac is on and discoverable; then, press the “+” button.
4. Your Mac should recognize the Bluetooth headset. Select it and press the “Continue” button.
5. Your Mac will attempt to pair with the headset. If it fails, click the back button and try again. You may have to move the headset closer to your Mac or even hold it over the Mac. Yes, it is silly, but sometimes changing the relative position of the headset to the Mac helps pairing.
6. Once your Mac is paired with the Bluetooth headset, you will see a Conclusion screen. Now you can enjoy wireless VOIP calls!
Tip of the Week from Reba Nance
Protect Your E-mail Address From Spammers
Have you ever wondered how spammers collect e-mail addresses? There are several methods but the most common way is using spam robots and e-mail harvesters. These applications are on the Internet constantly browsing and recovering information formatted in the classic e-mail format—for example, These roving harvesters are busily working the Internet and social media sites. They can pick up your e-mail address from your Web page or blog, a Tweet, and almost anywhere else you post an e-mail address. How can you share your e-mail address and reduce your risk of having it harvested? Use at is a free service that will allow you to protect your e-mail address behind a URL (uniform resource locator) that is protected by a “captcha.” A captcha is a challenge response test that is commonly used to verify that the computer is responding to a human. Review the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use at before you sign up. The example from the site is Give it a try and then determine if a URL for your e-mail might be a valuable tool to add to your anti-spam arsenal.

Note: This tip, which is full of acronyms and techspeak, may have added a new term to your lexicon. Just in case you are interested in the etymology for “captcha,” provided the following: Captcha is the acronym for Completely Automatic Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Thanks to the ABA PMA TaskForce and Diane Ebersole of the Michigan Bar for the tip.

Feel free to contact Reba Nance at with questions.
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