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Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Past Recipients

Colorado Bar Association Young Lawyers Division

Gary McPherson Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Award

William H. Burnett-1961
L. Richard Bratton-1963
Daniel J. Shannon-1964
Daniel S. Hoffman-1965
Garth C. Grissom-1966
Robert H. Sonbeim-1967
Nolan Brown-1968
Stevens P Kinney II-1970
Edwin G. Ruland-1971
John W. Dunn-1972
Donald E. Cordova-1973
David L. Wood-1974
Terry Farina-1975
William D. Neighbors-1976
Phillip A. Kendall-1977
John A. Purvis-1978
Betsy B. Karowsky-1979
John E. Moye-1980
Jon F.  Kottke-1981
John W. Kinkade-1982
Ronald M. Martin-1983
Karen J. Mathis-1984
Craig E. Wagner-1985
Christine Coates-1986
Richard. S. Gast-1987
Rebecca A. Koppes-1988
Richard M. Williams-1989
Edith Stevens-1990
Zachary G. Wilson-1991
Jennifer J. Stocker-1992
Gary L. McPherson-1993
Denise Saathoff-1994
Jeffery J. Colerick-1995
Michael Smith-1996
Christopher B. Dominick-1997
Randall C. Lococo-1998
Brandon P. Hull-1999
Sherri L. Sweers-2000
William J. Munn-2001
Joaquin G. Padilla-2002
Jennifer L. Rice-2003
Sun Young Hendricks-2004
Peter M. Anderson-2005
David R. Ball-2006
Jack Patten III-2007
Jennifer N. Good-2008
Siddhartha H. Rathod-2009
Emanuel N. Anton-2010
Kara Veitch-2011
Loren Brown-2012

About the CBA YLD
A "Young Lawyer" is any member of the Colorado Bar Association in good standing, who is under the age of 37 or who has been admitted to their first Bar for less than three years. All Colorado lawyers who fall into either of these categories shall automatically be members of the Young Lawyers Division.
If you are interested in getting involved in your local young lawyers division, or if you would be interested in the CBA YLD, contact Carlos Migoya