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New Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program Director

The Colorado Supreme Court Advisory Committee is pleased to announce that Barbara A. Ezyk has been appointed to serve as Director of the newly-created Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program (“COLAP”).  Ms. Ezyk brings a wealth of legal and peer assistance experience to this position.  During her 16 years as a Colorado attorney and 28 years as a licensed Registered Nurse, Ms. Ezyk has worked with professionals in need of assistance due to substance use and/or mental health issues.  Ms. Ezyk has held the position of Substance Use Education Director for a peer assistance services program, has managed the Colorado Drug Abuse Task Force, has served on the Colorado Lawyers Helping Lawyers (CLHL) Board of Directors since 2004, and has been an active participant in the ABA Commission on Lawyers Assistance Programs since 2005.  As the Director of COLAP, Ms. Ezyk will help lawyers, judges, law firms, law schools, courts and others to identify and intervene with impaired and/or struggling legal professionals and law students, and assist those individuals in recovery.