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Notice and Minutes 2012

December 20, 2012: Agenda, Minutes of November, Attachment to Minutes – Hanks case - 168 P.2d 256, (Page 260) Colo Supreme Court 1946, Attachment to Minutes - Court Approval of Settlement Claims Persons Under Disability, Attachment to Agenda - Proposed Adoption of Part 6 to the UTC Dealing with Revocable Trusts, Attachment to Agenda - Proposed changes to 15-14-406 and adding 15-14-407 re Professional Evaluations for Conservatorships, Attachment to Agenda – Proposed Amendment to CRS 15-10-603(3)

November 15th, 2012: Minutes of OctoberAgendaAttachment to Agenda – Directed Trustee StatuteAttachment to Agenda – Directed Trustee Matrix  - page 1Attachment to Agenda – Directed Trustee Martrix – page 2, Amendment S, Titles and Text, Organizations Supporting Amendment S

October 18th, 2012: Minutes of SeptemberAttachment to Minutes – Uniform Law Commissioners MemoAgendaAttachment to Agenda – Revisions to 15-12-805Attachment to Agenda – Directed Trustee SRC HandoutAttachment to Agenda – Proposed CO Directed Trustee Statute

September 20th, 2012: SRC September Meeting Notice, Risbry Statute, Effective Date Statute, 9.13.2012 15-10-201 Redlined Part 6 Revocable Trust 601, Information of Appt Statute 15-12-705, Classification of Claims 15-12-805, Agenda, Memo on ULC.NCCUSL changes to Elective Share Statute, August Minutes, Memo ULC Issues, 13-90-102 Dead Man's Statute, Conservatorship Statute

August 16th, 2012: Agenda and May Minutes

May 17th, 2012: Agenda, April Minutes, Proposed Dead Man Statute, Proposed UPC III Materials, Including Proposed Effective Date Materials and Proposed Revocable Trust Materials, Domestic Asset Protection Trust Presentation Materials

April 19th, 2012: Agenda, March MinutesGrantor Trust Income Tax Reimbursement Notes15-16-502 Revised Draft, CBA Collaborative Law Task Force Circulation Draft

March 15th, 2012: Agenda, February MinutesTrustee Owned Life Insurance proposed statuteTime Computation draft bill - latest version, SB 12-078, SB 12-078 Amended, Risbry Proposal

February 16th, 2012: Agenda, January Minutes, Designated Beneficiary BillDesignated Beneficiary Fiscal Impact Statement, Uniform ActsTrustee Owned Life Insurance

January 19th, 2012: Agenda, December Minutes, Collaborative Law MaterialsVirtual Asset Research #1Virtual Asset Research #2, Proposed Statute