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Golden Anecedotes

Golden Anecdotes
The CBA’s Golden Book of Anecdotes and Wisdom
From Attorneys, For Attorneys
The Colorado Bar Association’s senior attorneys (65 years of age and better) are being asked to submit anecdotes, advice, and guidance related to the practice of law to share with their junior colleagues. This is well-earned knowledge that may benefit less-experienced attorneys as they become proficient in the practice of law and may provide much-needed guidance for new attorneys as they transition from law school and begin their legal career. This collection of retrospections and advice is an ongoing effort. Submissions received thus far are printed below and will continue to be published periodically in The Colorado Lawyer.
To submit your anecdotes, advice, and guidance, e-mail your comments to Leona Martínez, using the subject line “Golden Book.” Mailed correspondence can be addressed to: Golden Book, c/o Leona Martínez, The Colorado Lawyer, 1900 Grant St., Ste. 900, Denver, CO 80203. We look forward to hearing from you!


When selecting a managing partner, don’t give it to anyone who wants the job.

Trust your partners, but verify!

Cross-exam your client several times.

Clients appreciate a $5 tie more than a discount.

Very few thank you–usually the ones you did the least for and who are the poorest!
–Carl F. Eiberger, Golden


Three Things Lawyers Should Avoid

Resist the temptation to Take Advantage of Your Opponent’s Errors and Omissions

The Speechless Oral Argument

It’s the Client’s Problem

Five Pointers to Pass On

The Golden Rule

Closing Argument: Short May be Best

When you have Won, Don’t Linger!

Where the Action Really Is

Direct Replies

Clerks are Smarter than You

Advice re drinking at lunch

You’re never too experienced to learn

Court personnel hold your life in their hands

The Karma of Civility

Is There a Mr. Foreman in the Court?

Juror Feedback

Suggestions for the Novice

Trust Your Intuition and Other Pearls of Wisdom

The Classiest Question

Answering Your Own Phone

Know When to Sit Down

Plans to Take the Estate

The Conscientious Attorney

Tips for Remaining Calm in Adversarial Situations

Rule and Run

Keep it Simple

Lend a Helping Hand

Difficult Opposing Counsel

Random Musings After 40 Years of Practicing Law

Lawyer Stories

An Appropriate and Admissible Question

Never Panic!

The Test of an Honest Person

Never Interrupt a Judge When He is Ruling in Your Favor

When Angry, Count to Ten Before You Speak

Once Lost, Credibility is Hard to Regain

Excuses, Excuses

Allow Yourself Plenty of Time

Befriend Court Staff

One Contest You Don’t Want to Be In...

The “Six-Inch” Rule

When Clients Question Your Loyalty

Be Nice to Office and Court Staff

The Concept of Slowing Down