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Working With Victims/Survivors

Definition of Battery:

The use of force against another, resulting in harmful or offensive contact.

Pattern of Violence:

Patterns or cycles of violence are used by perpetrators to establish and ultimately maintain control over their victims. The following are common elements of violence patterns:

Abuse: The actual act of violence toward the victim.

Guilt and Fear of Reprisal: The perpetrator will feel guilty and afraid of being caught. The perpetrator will find ways to silence the victim, sometimes through bribery or gifts, so the victim doesn't speak out against the perpetrator.

Rationalization: The abuser will make justifications about the acts of violence, will often deny any abuse, and will make the abuse appear to be the victim's fault.

Normal Behavior: The abuser will act like nothing happened, convince the victim to cover up the abuse, and may threaten the victim with taking away children if anything is said about the abuse.

Planning: Abusers often think about past and future violence, which leads them to plan more attacks and starts the cycle over.

The above sample cycle of violence is based on information from the Domestic Violence Resource Center.

Safety Plans

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