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Sample Client Interview Questions

  • Has your intimate partner ever pushed, hit, slapped, or hurt you in any way?
  • Has your intimate partner ever hurt or threatened you in any way?
  • Has your intimate partnerever forced you to do something you didn't want to do?
  • Is there anything happening at home that makes you feel afraid?
  • Does your intimate partner limit your sleep or eating, or endanger your health in any other way?
  • Has your initmate partner ever hurt pets, destroyed your clothing or other items of importance, or other objects in your home?
  • Has your intimate partner ever taken the children without permission, threatened to neverlet them see you again, or otherwise harmed them?

For more information on screening domestic violence victims, visit the American Bar Association's Tool for Attorneys to Screen for Domestic Violence. Also see the American Bar Association's Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence for more resources.