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May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013
This month
Reba Nance

If you use Windows XP and/or Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft has announced the last date these products will be supported is April 8, 2014. These include:

  • Windows XP, including Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional
  • Office 2003, including Basic, Professional, Small Business and Standard

Does this mean you will be forced to stop using Windows XP and Office 2003? Absolutely not. What it means is there will be no support from Microsoft for any problems you have after that deadline. April 2014 may seem like a long way away, but now is the time to start researching your options so you’ll be ready. The August 2013 issue of The Colorado Lawyer will feature the article, “Ever-Changing Microsoft Office—Why and When Do You Upgrade?” co-authored by me and David Michel. It discusses the new Office 2013 and Office 365 and gives tips on planning for an upgrade, getting training, and other topics to help you manage the upgrade successfully. I hope you’ll check it out.

There are only a few things in this world that are certain: death, taxes, and the release of a new Microsoft Office Suite!

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Blog of the Month

Solo in Colo

Solo in Colo is designed and intended to build an online community of Colorado solo and small firm attorneys, with posts by attorneys about practice management, office management, marketing, technology, and other resources. You may practice alone, but Solo in Colo can help you connect as a community.

Quick Links


Moving to the Cloud

By Ellen Freedman, posted on the GPSolo eReport
According to the 2012 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, the largest demographic segment of law firms to move into the cloud this past year consisted of solo and small firms. They are migrating into the stratosphere at just over twice the rate of large firms. Read more

10 Devices You Should Never Take Along on a Business Trip

By John Edwards, posted on Law Technology News
Business travel isn’t always fun, and the pleasure quotient certainly doesn't rise along with the number of gadgets that must be lugged through airports and hotels. Travel-savvy attorneys hit the road with only the minimum number of devices necessary to complete their work quickly and effectively. Read more

Product Reviews

Office 2013: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By Vivian Manning, posted on Attorney At Work
Microsoft Office 2013 has been available for several months, but Office 2010 has been stable and mostly well-received in our firm. And with staff and lawyers already overwhelmed by the never-ending stream of new technologies hurtling toward them, I wasn’t eager to push yet more change on them. Read more

Workshare Professional Now Supports Windows 8 and Office 2013

By Sean Doherty, posted on Law Technology News
Workshare Professional incorporates document comparison, metadata removal, and PDF creation software. The 7.5 upgrade adds support for Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. Workshare’s collaboration software can now launch from inside Office 2013 applications. Read more

App of the Week from Legal Productivity: WorkFlowy—Take Notes, Manage Tasks, and Collaborate on Projects

By Tim Baran and Added May, posted on Legal Productivity
Billed as an application that can help you “organize your brain,” WorkFlowy lets you manage tasks, take notes and collaborate on projects by sharing lists with team members. What sets Workflowy apart from the myriad note taking and to-do apps is its simple, basic interface. Some would argue that it’s too simple, but the stripped down screen grows on you and lets you design how best to use the app based on your needs and how you work. Read more

Lexis for Microsoft Office Now Works With Lexis Advance

By Sean Doherty, posted on Law Technology News
Lexis for Microsoft Office legal drafting software now integrates with Lexis Advance research system. Although LMO still works with the first generation system,, the new version takes advantage of Lexis Advance’s customized search tools and results management features to facilitate document review and validation and speed document creation. Read more


Does a Small Law Firm Need to Have a Brand?

By the Editors of Attorney At Work
Many sophisticated legal services buyers will tell you they “hire the lawyer, not the law firm”—so the real task is for your firm to “brand” each lawyer. Read more

Hanging Your Shingle: Make a Plan & Network

By Christopher Steele, posted on the DBA Young Lawyers blog
When I graduated in May of 2011, I was extremely discouraged by the lack of prospects in the job market and I wasn’t sure where to turn. Whenever I asked experienced attorneys what I should do, it seemed that their answer was always to hang my own shingle. Read more

What You Need to Know About LinkedIn Endorsements

By Nancy Myrland, posted on Attorney At Work
LinkedIn continues to be the favorite social networking entry point for lawyers, law firms, legal marketers and other legal professionals. It is the safe, honorable, professional business networking and research site that most closely resembles the profession’s culture and image. Read more

Human Resources

Paralegal Hiring Trends

From the Legal Talk Network
Charles Volkert, executive director of Robert Half Legal, joins host Vicki Voisin to discuss the future of the paralegal profession. Volkert provides valuable advice on how to get noticed in the field, including the importance of a proactive mindset and the need to be flexible. Click here for the podcast.

Time Management

Redefine Productivity and Do More of What Matters

By Daniel Gold, posted on Attorney At Work
Being productive isn’t about meeting your annual billables requirement. It’s about being an effective advocate and then going home. There are only so many hours in the day, and if you spend them all in the office, regardless of how demanding your job is (which lawyers’ most certainly are), you can miss out on what’s really important. Read more


How to Protect Against Outside Counsel Overbilling

By Steven Barentzen, posted on Law Technology News
On March 25, The New York Times reported that the “world’s largest law firm,” DLA Piper, had been accused by a former client of a “sweeping practice of overbilling.”…Overbilling in general is something that all consumers of legal services should know about and protect themselves from. Based on my experience representing plaintiffs in overbilling matters, there are several actions that a client can and should take to protect itself from possible overbilling abuses such as those alleged in the DLA Piper matter. Read more

Big Data: From a Big Corporation to the Small Law Firm

by Gwynne Monahan, posted on the GPSolo eReport
Thanks to technology, the Internet, and the growth of cloud-based practice management systems, much of the manual time tracking is automated. Not only that, but at the end of the day you also have an accurate record of what you did. Read more


Future-Proofing Your Law Firm

by Jim Calloway, posted on the Law Practice Magazine
The future of law practice has been a subject of much speculation the last several years. While some law firm partners behave as if they believe things will go back to business as usual, most of those who are paying attention believe we are headed to a “new normal” in our future. Read more