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June 19, 2013

June 19, 2013
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Introduction to WordRake
Jim Figel
Tuesday, June 25
Noon–12:30 p.m.
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Peggy Maday
Tuesday, July 23
Noon–12:30 p.m.
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The Law Blog: A Brief Taxonomy
Barb Cashman
Tuesday, Aug. 27
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Gathering Evidence—21st Century Style

by Jim Calloway, posted on the Law Practice Tips Blog
Technology advances are changing our world in many ways. The number of digital footprints you leave is no longer limited to Internet use, but now also includes your movements being tracked by the phone you are carrying and hidden video cameras in many places recording you. Read more.

iOS 7 Changes are Overwhelmingly Cosmetic

by CNET editors, posted on CNET
To silence a growing chorus of discontent against an operating system design that's remained more or less static since 2007, Apple needed to go big. With iOS 7, it did. Apple's crisp, newly announced OS update gives the mobile operating system a radical new look and some first-for-Apple features for iPhone and iPad fans, like quick-access system controls, automatic app updates, and Apple's AirDrop file-sharing system. Read more.

Product Reviews

LawSauce App Helps You Locate Legal Materials Worldwide

by Robert Ambrogi, posted on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites
Two experts in legal research have developed an app for iOS and Android devices that they describe as like an international GPS for lawyers, helping you quickly locate the right web resource for a variety of legal research tasks. After trying it out over several days, I am impressed by how much it covers. Read more.

iPad Competition Heats Up

by John Edwards, posted on Law Technology News
When Apple released its first iPad on April 3, 2010, few lawyers had ever even seen a tablet system much less used one. Three years later, tablets have joined cell phones and notebook computers as the legal community's most popular mobile productivity tools. Read more.


Bar Leaders: Lawyers' Online Marketing Not Drawing Ethics Complaints

by Kevine O'Keefe, posted on Real Lawyers Have Blogs
Lawyers and law firms are always asking about the ethical implications of social media and social networking. "These Internet business development tools sound interesting, but how can you guaranty me I won't run afoul of ethics rules?" Despite lawyers' fears, states are receiving few, if any, bar complaints arising out of lawyers' use of the Internet for marketing and business development. Read more.

A Dozen Ways to Differentiate Your Law Practice

by Susan Saltonstall Duncan, posted on Attorney at Work
At a time when the supply of good, qualified lawyers exceeds the demand—and with so many options for finding legal advice or representation online—it is critical to differentiate your practice. To be found and hired, you need to speak clearly about the solutions and skills you will offer clients. How? Here are 12 ways to stand out from your competition. Read more.

Human Resources

The Most Popular Lies on Résumés

by Vivia Chen, posted on The Careerist
When you are young and inexperienced, you might be tempted to inflate your résumé a bit to get your foot in the door. You might claim to speak Mandarin because you can order Ma Po Tofu convincingly at your neighborhood Chinese restaurant. Some purists might say you're lying. But I won't judge you. I know you're just trying to stand out. Read more.

Time Management

Time Tracking Made Simple, Flexible, and Free

by Robert Ambrogi, posted on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites
The bottom line on Toggl is that it lives up to its motto, "Insanely simple time tracking." Toggl is a cloud application that works in your browser and that also has apps that work on your desktop, your iOS device, and your Android device. Read more.


How Valuable Are You?

by David Lorenzo, posted on RainmakerLawyer
Your fee says a great deal about you. Like it or not, people use money as a criteria for passing judgment on everything from homes, to cars, to people. When you develop a fee for providing value to your clients, you (and they) typically view that fee as a reflection upon you. Read more.


5 Data Breach Risks You Can Prevent

Clark Schweers and Jeffrey Hall, posted on Law Technology News
In the face of a data breach, the legal, operational, and reputational risks are immense. The financial toll of a cyberattack can be staggering. The consequences tend to be immediate. Not too long ago, organizations saw protecting against these threats as the responsibility of the IT department. Yet as the world has become increasingly reliant on the transfer of electronic data—for business, business relationships, and social interaction—the risk of losing critical information has risen. Data protection has become a topic of discussion at the board level and a top priority for senior executives, particularly those tasked with driving and managing the growth of an organization. Read more.

Commerical debt collection scam by Akira Kawano of Echo Electric Co Ltd

by staff of LAWPROS's AvoidAClaim blog
Lawyers in Maine and California notified us that they received an email from the purported Akira Kawano of Echo Electric Co Ltd with regards to a commercial debt collection scam. Read more. For more immediate updates on fraud and claims prevention, subscribe to the email or RSS feed updates from LAWPRO's AvoidAClaim blog.