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July 17, 2013

July 17, 2013
This month
Reba Nance

Collecting your fee can be a challenge. It is an age-old problem that may be worse now because of the tight economy. The October 2012 issue of the ABA’s  Law Practice TODAY, the monthly webzine of the ABA Law Practice Management Section, was devoted to collecting your fee. Articles include:  Collecting Your Fees with Ease; Effective Collection Requires a Collections Policy; Inspire Your Clients to Focus on the Value Rather Than the Bill, and more. You don’t have to be an ABA member to access it.

While you’re there, check out other issues of the webzine. You’ll find lots of great information about law practice management topics.

Our lending library also has a few books on this subject: Collecting Your Fee; How to Draft Bills Clients Rush to Pay; and Winning Alternatives to the Billable Hour. E-mail me at if you’re interested in any of these lending library books. While you’re at it, check out other lending library books. We have books on every aspect of managing your practice.

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Tech Tuesday

Peggy Maday
Tuesday, July 23
Noon–12:30 p.m.
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The Law Blog: A Brief Taxonomy
Barb Cashman
Tuesday, Aug. 27
Noon–12:30 p.m.
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Document Assembly For the Rest of Us
Henri “Hank” Vanderhage
Tuesday, Sept. 24
Noon–12:30 p.m.
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Quick Links


Electronic Discovery in the Cloud: Seven Questions

by Jeffrey Jacobs, posted on Attorney at Work
Cloud-based services can be an efficient and cost-effective way to address a law firm’s data management needs. While contracts for cloud services typically address data security and service reliability, sometimes practical considerations surrounding the need to preserve, collect and produce data from the cloud for litigation or investigatory discovery are overlooked. Read more.

E-Discovery: Why You Should Go Native!

podcast with Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek, posted on the Legal Talk Network
It’s easy to get caught up in the fast-paced transition to paperless E-discovery review. Firms are now converting evidence into TIFF files. What’s a TIFF file? It’s just an easy way to manage and send large amounts of evidence, right? Wrong. Read more.

Product Reviews

Google Nexus 7 (32GB, HSPA+) Review: Still the Best Small Tablet

by CNET editors, posted on CNET
The Nexus 7 features a sharp screen, a comfortable design, and great battery life at a low starting price. Android 4.2 adds some welcome and useful features. Read more.

Replace Google Reader: Three New Ways to Read Your Feeds

by Ernie Smith, posted on Associations Now
We’ve finally reached the end of the line: Google Reader is gone. But on the plus side, several companies are working on solutions worth keeping an eye on. Even AOL. Read more.


50 Simple Ways You Can Market Your Practice

by Stephanie Francis Ward, posted on the ABA Journal
You can spend a lot of money on legal marketing, but you don’t need to. Nor do you have to be naturally outgoing or charming. What is necessary for good business development, say successful lawyers and consultants who shared their strategies with the ABA Journal, is a marketing plan focused on activities you do well, targeted at the right audience and carried out consistently. Give it some time, they say, and business will come. Read more.

Four Client Intake Mistakes to Avoid

by Ryan Pitz, posted on Attorney at Work
A lot of lawyers spend good money to generate leads for new business through marketing, advertising, promotions and networking, in both online or offline venues. But much of that money is lost because of inconsistent and unsystematic intake when one of those leads actually contacts the firm to express interest. Read more.

Google+ Turns Two: You Can’t Ignore It for Another Minute

by B.L. Ochman, posted on Ad Age
The bottom line: Google has made you an offer you can’t refuse. If you ignore Google+, then Google search will ignore you. You’d be crazy to let that happen. Could your brand benefit from better search-engine rankings in Google? Read more.

Human Resources

Virtual Staffing: Implementation and Management

podcast with Jared Correia and Chad Burton, posted on the Legal Talk Network
Host Jared Correia talks with Chad Burton about how to use virtual staff in your law practice. Burton’s law firm employs virtual staffing services to manage its phones, accounting, documents and secure email. Chad covers the use of virtual staff to assist in other areas, as well, including: managing social media channels, making travel arrangements, creating presentations, and more. Read more.

Time Management

Time Management and Productivity Tips for Lawyers

by the Editors of Attorney at Work, posted on Attorney at Work
Time Management. Ha! As if it’s really possible to wrestle those slippery hours, minutes and days into any semblance of order, or exercise any control. Most days just whiz by, leaving you with nothing more than a longer to-do list—a task list that now syncs with multiple devices…and follows you everywhere. Read more.


New Risks Every Litigator Should Know

by W. Kelly Stewart and Jeffrey L. Mills, posted on Jones Day
While the repercussions of e-filing failure can be severe, protecting yourself—and your client—is relatively simple. Read more.