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January 25, 2005

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention



Meeting Participants

  • Andy Archuleta, Denver Fire
  • Diane Balkin, Denver DA’s Office
  • Joan Casey
  • John Cogley, CCA Trauma and DVT
  • Kay Dahlinger, Aurora LINK
  • Judy Gordon, Consultant to CBA
  • Ralph Johnson, Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
  • Michelle Miller, CBA
  • Janet Paulson, Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
  • Corey Price, Dumb Friends League
  • Sheila Rappaport, Denver District Court
  • Barbara Riedell, Trainer in Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Kathleen Schoen, CBA
  • Martha Smith, Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies




Next Meeting

Tuesday February 22, 2005, 12:00-1:30PM at CBA, 3rd floor small conference room (bring your own lunch).  Kay Dahlinger will make a presentation about the Aurora LINK.




Reviewing Our History

Judy facilitated a sharing of the benefits members feel they have gained by being members of CACP. Here are the benefits mentioned:

  • collaboration, a sense of community
  • good public relations for all involved
  • increased knowledge – for individuals as well as for agencies
  • realization that there are already good things in place (such as the Aurora LINK)
  • expanding support for the good things already in place
  • networking
  • credibility because of association with CBA and because of the diversity of members
  • increased support for the issue – more people doing presentations on the topic
  • more professionals trained in the issue, both professional and lay people
  • new audiences hearing about the issue
  • changes in abuser behavior
  • buy in by law enforcement (especially Denver Police Department, Aurora Police Department, Wyoming)
  • new professional relationships (which ultimately yield better results for clients)
  • opportunity to share a member’s program with other professionals
  • increasing the integration of the issue (it is not just about animal welfare; it is about public safety)
  • mutual benefit with Aurora LINK


Judy distributed a brief history of CACP and members contributed additions. The history is posted on CACP’s intranet site under Marketing Materials. Members are asked to send additions and changes to Judy (such as information about any presentations made on behalf of CACP).



Future Plans

Judy facilitated a discussion of future plans. Members indicated interest and commitment to the following activities and strategies:

  • continue to offer presentations to professional audiences; promote that opportunity on CACP’s homepage; Michelle will continue to manage requests for presentations
  • continue partnership with Aurora LINK to offer training to professionals; Aurora LINK plans two trainings per year (next one is April 21 from 8AM to 4PM, see Events on CACP website), CACP will support that by promoting the trainings, registering participants, and doing other tasks as needed; no independent CACP trainings are planned
  • lend support to a more formal education program that is being developed by Phil Tedeski (Corey is liaison with Phil); this will take time because it needs to be research-based and well-developed; it may be sold as a certification program
  • offer presentations statewide via CBA’s outreach efforts for its other training opportunities; Kath will negotiate opportunities and involve other CACP members as needed; the issue of who will pay for presenters’ expenses needs to be decided
  • not pursue an online training program; Kath noted that in focus group research for the Make It Your Business program, outlying communities wanted face-to-face training, not electronic
  • expand general awareness by communicating via a quarterly email newsletter to executive directors of professional organizations
  • pursue all opportunities to present at national conferences; Corey is working on humane education conference to take place in Denver early 2006
  • develop new brochure and write-up of the CACP model; a committee of Michelle, Corey, Diane, Janet, and Judy will work on this




Michelle demonstrated the website (

Members complimented the site and made suggestions as follows:

  • add to Events – regular CACP meeting
  • add link to on In the News page (for most recent articles)
  • add explanation on Safe Haven page of what safe havens are
  • ask all organizations that are linked on CACP’s web pages to link back to CACP
  • add promotion of presentations to home page and link that promotion to Contact Us page with more information on specifics of presentations (for whom, what geographic area, how long, etc.)



Action Item

  • Members offered to send a letter of thanks to Kath for her to share with the Family Violence Steering Committee at its next meeting February 2nd. The letter would express CACP members’ appreciation for CBA support in convening the group.
  • Members are encouraged to send their appreciation comments to Kath immediately.



Minutes prepared by Judy Gordon