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April 26, 2005


Colorado Alliance For Cruelty Prevention

Meeting Participants

  • Theresa Abeyta, Colorado Department of Human Services
  • Joan Casey, Animal Assistance Foundation
  • John Cogley, CCA Trauma and DVT
  • Kay Dahlinger, City of Aurora
  • Guido Gonzalez-Lewis, Dumb Friends League
  • Judy Gordon, Consultant to CBA
  • Ralph Johnson, CVMA
  • Meghan Laurie, Mirich and Associates
  • Michelle Miller, CBA
  • Corey Price, Dumb Friends League
  • Kathleen Schoen, CBA
  • Martha Smith, CFAWA
  • Mary Toorman, Animal Advocate




Next Meeting

Tuesday May 24, 2005, 12:00-1:30PM at CBA, 3rd floor small conference room (bring your own lunch). 





Martha presented about CFAWA.

  • CFAWA was the first to recognize the link.
  • It was founded in 1954 and currently has 60 member agencies (501c3s and government units) statewide, the majority of which are on the Front Range.
  • Legislative awareness was the initial focus and remains a high priority. Members learned that they got more attention when they didn’t exclusively talk about animals but about animals has they impacted people. They have been responsible for a lot of legislation over the years. They promote the organization as moderate, not radical. They go for incremental wins in the legislative process.
  • Current bills that await the governor’s signature are HB05-1202 immunity for good faith reporting of suspected animal cruelty; HB05-1014 bestiality; SB05-04 mandatory reporting of child abuse by animal control officers.
  • The organization offers bimonthly training (customer service, animal handling, the LINK, cruelty investigations, legislative updates).
  • It holds bimonthly meetings and has a bimonthly newsletter.
  • They will be part of a fall symposium with CVMA.
  • They offer a veterinary partnership award.
  • They work on emergency preparedness.
  • Public relations efforts include: gathering statistics; spay/neuter awareness; humane pet care; feral cats; hoarding; animal behavior; resources.



Michelle has requests for trainings and not enough trainers to deliver them. No one indicated interest in becoming a trainer.


Specifically, trainings are requested by:

  • Colorado Association of Paralegals and Legal Assistants
  • Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital
  • Grand Junction Probation Office (Kay offered to do the training)
  • Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (November 14-16 conference in Keystone; CACP has done training the past two years; Corey offered Guido to do the training; Kath has the application from last year; Guido will need to submit an application to get on the program)


Future Funding

CACP submitted a grant application to Animal Assistance Foundation in March and awaits a decision the end of May.



Communication Tools

Michelle distributed a draft of a brochure put together by the brochure committee and invited edits and feedback from members.




  • Kay said that the April 21st LINK training had a packed house; two tracks (treatment and legal); and good reviews. They sold videos and people are asking for more info/assistance.
  • Ralph announced a fundraising event for the Colorado Veterinary Medicine Foundation, for May 19th at the Adams Mark. In addition to fundraising, its purpose is to celebrate the human-animal bond. There will be awards and entertainment. For more information,
  • Corey reminded members of the Furry Scurry happening at Wash Park on May 7th.
  • Corey shared that the DDFL Bark program is going well. The program trains 4th-7th graders from in-day mental health treatment programs to train shelter dogs. Channel 9 aired a segment on the program last week. Check out the Channel 9 website and search by “Carri King.” Carri is the DDFL staffer with the program.
  • Michelle shared an announcement in the Rocky Mountain News about KBDI-Channel 12’s program examining animal cruelty Wednesday April 27th and a follow-up on Saturday airing three 30-minute documentaries by Los Angeles filmmaker Erik Friedl (Kiss the Animals Goodbye, Patterns of Abuse: Exploding the Cycle; One Last Fight: Exposing the Shame).



Minutes prepared by Judy Gordon