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November 22, 2005

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention


Present: Kate Arganese, Kathleen Schoen, Jan Mickish, Diane Balkin, Joan Casey, Corey Price, Kay Dahlinger, Phil Tedeschi, Jennifer Fitchett, Jayme Nielson-Foley, Mary Toornman, Barbara Riedell, John Cohen, John Cogley, Sheila Rappaport, William Riedell, Theresa Abeyta.

I. Collaboration with the Aurora Link


A. Kay Dahlinger, Chief Probation Officer in Aurora and an Aurora Link member, reported that the Aurora Link is pleased to be joining CACP’s meetings.  The Aurora Link is an organization with the same goal as CACP: to educate and help to improve/end the Link between animal and human violence.
B. Currently, the Aurora Link has one “Training” planned.  It will be in Adams-Broomfield Judicial District on January 6, 2006.  This event is meant to be an introductory luncheon and not a “Training.”  It was suggested that the Aurora Link should make this luncheon a CBA event so that travel expenses can be covered by the grant.

II. Trainings


1. Kathleen Schoen, Colorado Bar Association Staff, and Joan Casey, Animal Assistance Foundation, volunteered to contact their contacts in Ft. Morgan to determine their interest.
2. Diane Balkin, Denver Deputy District Attorney, volunteered to contact the State Veterinarians (large and small animals) and Police Academies.
3. Jan Mickish, Mickish Consulting, volunteered to contact the Visiting Nurses Association.
4. Corey Price volunteered to contact the Colorado Education Association.
5. John Cogley volunteered to contact Domestic Violence Treatment Providers.

a. Phil Tedeschi, Denver University Animal-Assisted Social Work Coordinator, volunteered Denver University after January 1, 2006, to host a CACP Training for Colorado Domestic Violence Treatment Providers.  This will be advertised through the Colorado Department of Criminal Justice, Domestic Violence Offender Management Board listing of trainings.

6. Joan Casey volunteered to contact Colorado Non Profit Organization.  Also, she volunteered to look into the possibility of providing books on the subject to pediatrician’s waiting rooms.
7. Mary Toornman, Denver City Attorney’s Office, volunteered to contact the directors of local dog shows to determine if CACP could have a presence at dog shows across the state.
8. Other possible organizations suggested were: groomer organizations, farrier organizations, sex offender treatment providers, CAFCA, and the American Kennel Association.

C. CACP members briefly discussed integrating public Trainings into the curriculum.  This idea was met favorably, and will be revisited at the next meeting.

A. Handouts with lists of trainings that CACP has completed were handed out at the meeting for discussion.
B. Future trainings were discussed, and several members volunteered to contact different organizations to determine their interest in CACP training.

III. Collaboration efforts with Professor Phil Tedeschi and Professor Jennifer Fitchett

A. Professor Phil Tedeschi and Professor Jennifer Fitchett, informed CACP members on their intent to launch an institute at the University of Denver school of social work that focuses on the interaction between humans and animals.  This program will promote new literature, will generate new research, and teach students worldwide.  In addition, upon completion of the program, students will be issued a certificate in honor of their accomplishment.
B. CACP members discussed several ways that their involvement would be appropriate: they can offer internships (through the CBA and CACP) to students involved in the program, give several Trainings to students, help the students create a student Link program on the campus, etc.
C. Jennifer Fitchett will develop a survey to distribute to CACP members to gauge how Phil and she can be most useful to the Committee and vice a versa.

IV. CACP’s next meeting is Tuesday, January 24, 2006, at 12 p.m.  The meeting will take place at the CBA office building (1900 Grant Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO, 80203).